How To Transform From Friendship To Lover And Not Get Stuck In Friend Zone

How To Transform From Friendship To Lover And Not Get Stuck In Friend Zone

The concept of being a friend first before progressing into love is an ideal way to get into a relationship, though some still prefer to meet someone new and speak to them for possible date, and after a couple of dates, if there is attraction between both of them, they fall in love and the relationship is on the way.

There is no right or wrong way to it, it just depend on individual preferences, but I always love the idea of friendship first which give you more time to really access the potential boyfriend or girlfriend before making up your mind to allow the friendship to progress into lover.

How To Transform From Friendship To Lover If you have decided to follow this part, you’re welcome and from now, you’ll be reading and learning how to transform from friendship to love and not get stuck into the friend zone.

But before I tell you how to go about it, I will like to stress more on the advantages of being friend first before taking it to the next level and also briefly talk about the possible negative consequence if your progression into lover do not really work out.

Being a friend first will let you know the other person better, you’ll know their weaknesses, trust him or her to a certain level depending on how deeper your friendship is, get to know some good qualities about the friend and give you ample of good to time to really think about it if you can be this person’s love or not.

You see, both of you already have a good knowledge’s of one another flaws and have already seen what you can’t cope with and what can be amended if possible the relationship get started. It is always easier to progress faster into romantic relationship when you’ve both known each other as friend for good numbers of time. This is because both of you knows what the other person don’t like and what the likes are, and that give you a kind of roadmap on where you should step into and where you shouldn’t dare going into in the life of your potential love.

Both side has there cons and pros, and that is why you just need to be sure of yourself before deciding to progress your friendship into lover. There is every possibility that you’ll lose your friendship if things eventually don’t work out. [Read; Why you should surrender to get deeper intimacy and happiness]

Most people cannot afford to lose their friendship that has been established for long time, and that’s where the fear of losing your friendship comes in. It is very hard to bounce back into your friendship zone if you’ve attempted to progress it into lover but it backfire. You’re not going to only lose a potential boyfriend or girlfriend but a very good friend of yours.

That is that for now, let see how to transform from friendship to lover and not get stuck in friend zone with tips to help you achieve that.

  1. Don’t try to be a friend with benefit, just be that cool friend that your guy friend will love to hang out without the fear of you asking for something or for some kind of benefits from your friend. Let your friends see the need to do that on his or her own.
  2. Share activities that’ll resulted into adrenalines rush, something competitive that’ll trigger excitement in both of you, like doing some exercises together, swimming, running. You see, when you break a sweat with someone, you’ll feel revved up and thrilled and you know what, adrenaline give the body a feeling of new love.
  3. Don’t just go agreeing with everything your friend says, disagree with things you don’t like and stand on your point, nobody want someone that’ll just agree on everything he or she says without raising an objection and make some corrections or alteration. The fact remain that if you want to be interesting, then you’ll need to be interested and to be interested, you’ll need to come up with your own valid argument and share your interest.
  4. Don’t forget to get closer to your friend physically and where it require giving each other a hi-five, a firm handshake, a pat on the back, brushing a stray hair out of his or her eyes, and squeezing your friend hands to make a point. You’ll become interested and irresistible to your friend.
  5. If you’ve been doing the above tips and the feeling is just one-sided, then you’ll need to stop chasing it. If someone is not interested, there is no amount of signs you’ll show, the interest won’t just fly out from nowhere and you’ll need to respect such decision from your friend if you still need to keep that friendship.

If your friend is interested, you’ll be getting the attraction signals in return and that can guarantee your progression into lover. What next is to reveal your feeling with better communication which is one of the thing relationship and friendship cannot do without.

What had been your experience when progressing from friendship to lover? I’ll love to hear from your experience in the past. Please make use of the comment form below for your comment and contribution. Also don’t forget to share this article using any of the social media icons below.

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    how can i pls rejuvenate my relationship with my girl friend… we have been together for 3 years without sex and i love her seriously

    1. You didn’t state any challenges you’re facing here, so I can’t specifically tell you what to do to rejuvenate your relationship

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