The Easy Steps To A Perfect Hugging You Should Learn Today

The Easy Steps To A Perfect Hugging You Should Learn Today

It is weird sometimes when someone approaches you for a hug and you miss-judge the position of his or her head, thereby both of you almost getting head-on-collision with one another.

I have seen it in so many places where people make lots of mistake when trying to hug another person. I have even witnessed it recently at a wedding party where the bride and the groom got it all wrong when it is about to show their love officially to the people present at the gathering.

I was not feeling comfortable with it and it seems lots of people don’t even know how to perfectly hug someone. Anyway, we cannot all learn something at once, somehow, someone somewhere will have to come and teach us how to do some certain thing properly.

The Easy Steps To A Perfect Hugging You Should LearnYou cannot assume you know every step involve to have a perfect hugging until you read all the steps I’m about revealing to you right after now.

  1. Your first step – Intention

It is always good to make your intention known to the person you want to hug to know that you want to hug him or her. Don’t let the person you want to hug get caught off guard by just running to him or her and hug straight away.

Instead, let him or her know of your intention and the right way to do this is opening up your body with your hand raise about 15 to 20cm apart. Make sure it is your right hand that goes up higher than the left hand and lean back as you do so. The other person will understand your intention and quickly response properly.

  1. Position of your head

This is where most people got it wrong. If you want to hug somebody, it is important to tilt your head to the left. I mean your own left not the other person’s left, otherwise, you might accidentally heading the same way as if you want to kiss him or her.

  1. Embracing and for how long

If you’re a man hugging your fellow man, ensure your right hand is over his shoulder as your head is moving to your left, the same thing apply to man to woman only that, the right hand should move closely to her neck and the left to support her back . Embrace firmly and ensure she’s the one that first let go, as a man if you happen to be the one that first let go, you’ll be looking insecure and immature.

The duration depend on how comfortable both of you feel in the hand of each other, so, it varies. Ideally, one or two seconds is enough but both of you may have some other agenda that’ll keep the duration as long as you both want it.

To separate the boys from the men when it is men to men hugging (hey! don’t think gay here), the patting makes the difference. When men hug men, they firmly pat each other’s back, and the harder you pat, the more masculine you probably are.

  1. Time to step back

After hugging, you’ve got to step back and you can also get it wrong here too, because the way you step back when you hug men is different from that of the women.

For women; slightly and gently release her slowly, it shows that you enjoy hugging her but respect her decision that she’s done hugging you. Let your hand linger on her arm as you pull away, showing your fondness for her and your readiness to give her the perfect hug again if she so desire.

For men; once you’re done with patting, move away from him smartly, lift your hand and step backward. Don’t slowly move away from him the way you slightly move away from women and never let your hands linger his, else you may leave him confuse as per your intention for hugging him.

You have just completed the easy steps to perfect hugging but you must add these up to it when hugging.

Don’t just hug and keep mute, say something when you hug someone. You can say something like; how you dey guy, I’m happy to see you, great to see once again, I miss you dude or miss you babe.

You should never do any of these when you hug someone; don’t scratch yourself, don’t cough, and don’t look scare after you hug someone. It is a bad manner to do any of them.

Do you learn anything from this article today?

I’ll love to hear from you what you’ve learn, what you’ve unlearn, your contributions and comment are highly encouraged. Please make use of the comment form below, and don’t forget to share this article using any of the social networking icons below.

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