Signs of High Maintenance Woman You Should Know

Signs of High Maintenance Woman You Should Know

Signs of High Maintenance WomanWomen are hard to please at times and you will need to carefully choose one that won’t give you much trouble in maintaining her. There are things you need to watch out for, first look for signs of high maintenance woman character or habit in her and if you could find the signs of high maintenance woman in her, you will need to reevaluate your choice if you can cope with her

There is no way you can tell exactly what a woman want, but you can guest to some extent what she is really like even from the first day of your conversation with her. Some women are just on the high side though some of them are not aware of it but men takes notice of these all the time and it’s one of the factors that will determine if a man will be staying with her for the rest of her life.

What are signs of high maintenance woman and what kind of woman are high maintenance woman

First let me give you a better understanding of who high maintenance woman is and then go on telling you signs of high maintenance woman you will need to watch out for.

I ask a female friend if she is high maintenance woman and this is what she says; I definitely wouldn’t consider myself to be high maintenance. I sometimes get my hair done and a manicure/pedicure. And then once I got a prenatal massage, but these occurrences don’t happen very often. I think someone that is high maintenance spends a lot of time and money on themselves.

Getting the latest fashion of clothes and shoes, always having perfect nails and hair, and getting massages on a regular basis. Some guys like that, but others don’t want to have to fork out the money to pay for a high maintenance woman. That is her view about it high maintenance woman.

Generally a high maintenance woman is one that you have to spend much on her, it cost a lot to make her happy, expensive taste, high ego that need to be stroke, demand too much attention, it’s just an individual that take any and everything to be happy.

Some women take advantage of their beautiful looks and charm to control men into purchasing things that ordinarily they won’t even think of buying it for her. They always have their ways around men that obsessed with beautiful women.

Signs of high maintenance woman you need to watch out for as a guy and determine if you have all it takes to take care of her. These include but are not limited to; high taste, high cost, too much demand on your pocket and some are disrespectful. [Read; Women think more of fashion than men think of sex]

Here are several examples of “high maintenance”. I once briefly dated a lady who is from what I would call “old money” in my area. She was always used to the best of everything you can talk of in this world… fine dining, pricy wine, first class all things.

Now I would not regard myself as a cheapskate, but I noticed early on when I first started dating her that I would need to consult my financial planner before seeing her more than once a week because she always insisted on going to the best eateries, and would order the $100 bottle of wine or any drink available.

My typical dinner bill with her came out to be around $200, and that was without going anywhere else!  One night out each week would cost me $300-$400, depending on what we did and where we went. For me at that particular time, I could afford it, but I thought it was too much. I remember thinking that I could date a handful of ordinary ladies for the same amount.

Plus this woman did not put out, and at first that pissed me off.   After some few weeks however, I thought it was probably better not to sleep with her because that alone will commit to her and get more intimate, and cost me even more money! Of course, what happened was that she dumped me after a month or two for some rich doctor … and I was totally fine with that.

There are so many other signs of high maintenance woman I may not mention here, that one is just left for you to figure out and find a way to cope with them.

Warning! Don’t tell any woman that she is high maintenance woman especially if she is your girlfriend or even your wife if you don’t want to create problem in your relationship. Learn to cope with them and if you can’t, find a way to save your head.

Do you have any experience in the hand of high maintenance woman? Of perhaps you have some more contribution to this post, please feel free to let us hear from you. We value all contribution here.

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  1. Hmm…my girlfriend is only high maintence in the sense that I have to spend a lot of time with her. Money and gifts doesn’t do it.

    1. John you really mean it, there are several ways of course that women can be high maintenance one. Yours is just another perfect example. Thanks

    2. you are really lucky to have such anice girlfriend. Though I want to admit that not all girls are high maintenance ones.

  2. High Maintenance Women are very expensive women that want the best, and they really that they are all that too which is very sad.

  3. The Real True Answer

    Well that is certainly not saying much with the kind of women that are out there these days, and the women that we had years ago were certainly much more better educated than now.

  4. From my experience, money is the only thing most women are after… it’s in their nature… We have to be realistic, you are either a Macho or very rich!

  5. God forbid if these women today ever had to Struggle like the women did years ago to make ends meat, they would’ve been in a lot of trouble.

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