Causes Of Late Marriage: Why Men And Women Marry Late

Some of the causes of late marriage are self induced while a few others are society induced. There are many reasons why people marry late.   Although some reasons people give for deciding to go for late marriage may make sense but everything must be considered to ensure that you are not embarking on a journey that you would later regret.

The worst and most difficult  causes of late marriage one to get over is the one that is spiritually imposed on you. To be able to break off from this type of cause requires more serious prayer and a dedicated effort.

late marriage
physical causes of late marriage

Physical causes of late marriage 

Physical causes of late marriage can be your voluntary choice or beyond your control.

Example of physical causes is when a woman or man decide to postpone marriage to pursue his academic ambition, it can also manifest when both male and female decide to cohabitate rather than go straight into marriage, it may as well be as a result of their indulging in practices like masturbation, homosexualism and things of similar nature for sexual pleasure rather than embarking on a marital relationship.

The causes are varied and diversified. We have provided below of few basic reasons why men and women physically decide to remain or remain sing for the greater part of their lives that marrying early.

Distressful, unhappy and violent life devoid of peace

This can make you unfriendly and isolated from people. Of course nobody wants to carry a heavy load of worry upon himself or herself except you are angel appearing in human flesh.

Constant proposal from men who are overly interested in sex

Many women defer marriage and turn down suitors because all men that propose to them are interested in having sex with them before marriage and they are not willing to surrender to that coercion.

Being overly choosy

Many women suffer from delayed marriage because during their early stage of marriageable life, they have many suitors lining up for them. They keep turning every one of them down waiting for the Mr. Right. They forget that the beauty of a woman fades over time. Thus, they end up not marrying till the later part of their lives.

Most times, these women are just eager to do everything possible at later stage to get a man to propose to them. They may even opt to sponsor their marriage ceremony and wedding to at least answer a married woman. Sometimes they fell into wrong hands.

Exorbitant Dowry requirements

Most men have delayed marriage due to exorbitant dowry prizes. Many men who cannot afford to pay the dowry prize plus other expenses defer marriage. They wait for such a time they would be buoyant enough to shoulder the responsibilities.

Desire for a flamboyant Wedding

Other group of men just put off marrying till later date because they want to show that they belong. Some times the excitement and pressure from family and friends make them to desire flamboyant wedding. When the fund is not yet available, the last alternative is to keep postponing getting married to the detriment of their marital life.

Carrier objectives

The major reason why a lot of women decide to marry late is to help them finish from the higher institutions and attain their career objectives. Although they are interested in marriage they want to get themselves established first financially before entering into marriage.

Fear of losing autonomy and independence

A few men and women prefer to marry late to have more freedom to do anything they want without having to be accountable for anybody. Some don’t want to have children early while others postpone marriage because they desire fewer children.


Another reason why some people suffer from delayed marriage is cohabitation.  This happens when a man and a woman in relationship decide to live together prior to their marriage. The major reasons why people cohabitate are ; to combine their resources and to check how compatible they would be as husband and wife. 

Not ready to get tied up with one woman

Just like women, most men delay their marriage because they want more freedom. Thus, they are not yet ready to settle down with one woman.

Societal pressure and the biting economy

Things are gone really very hard. The economy is biting as hard as possible.  The responsibilities that come with marriage are enormous.  Unless a man is gainfully employed and buoyant enough, he’d postpone marrying till a later date.

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