The Secrets to Happy and Prosperous Marriage

All of us desire to be happy and prosperous in our marriages and I don’t think it is negotiable. But this desire sometimes faces many difficulties that prevent our marriage not to achieving the state of happiness we desire thus making our marriage an everyday challenge. To be happy and successful in marriage is not what you and I cannot achieve, though it may require us to put certain things in place for us to truly reach that stage of joyful marriage.

The Secrets to Happy and Prosperous Marriage

If you observe the life of men and women who are truly happy and prosperous in their marriages, they all have many common secrets that keep their marriage going and they never look back since they’ve discovered the secret.

I want to share with you here now those secrets that keep their marriage always in a happy state even though some little challenges do come, they don’t bother about them because what they have going on well for them is more than the little challenges they sometimes experienced.

Understanding The Evolution of Marriage

Marriage has transitioned from strategic unions to emotional bonds over time. In blending age-old traditions with contemporary perspectives, today’s couples navigate a rich tapestry of cultural and societal influences in their marital journey.

The Science of Love and Commitment

Complex chemical reactions and psychological dynamics underpin the journey of love. The brain plays a pivotal role in marital ebbs and flows, from the exhilarating dopamine rush in the early stages to the comforting oxytocin release over time. For those keen on diving deeper into relationship dynamics, click here for a related read. Recognizing these biological and emotional processes can equip couples to understand better and steer their relationship’s course.

Below are the secrets to a happy and prosperous marriage, the top 10 of them.

#1. You must be a good listener as your partner communicates with you. Even if you felt carried away by something else, show concern with affirmative signs that you’re with him or her. Nobody will want to continue talking when they know that the person they are talking to doesn’t appreciate their talking together or suggestions.

#2. For your marriage to be happy and successful, there must be regular Communication which must be shared equally (50/50). This is particularly important since marriages grapple with many external pressures, from the strain of social media comparisons to financial challenges and the quest for work-life balance. By having open communication, setting mutual boundaries, and jointly strategizing to navigate these modern-day stressors, you can ensure your bond remains unshaken amidst external tumults.

#3. It is a must that you understand each other emotional makeup and shortcomings, when you do this, you’ll know how to appreciate your spouse even when they feel angry, down, or upset.

#4. Don’t ever jump to conclusion even if you know much more than your partner, allow his or her input, and hear from your spouse first before your conclusion. That will show that you give them consideration before making your decision or conclusion.

#5. Just as point number 4 above, it is necessary you consult with your Mate before making any family or Personal Decision. It is much more appreciative in this way than you solely making the family decision.

#6. Learn to settle issues mostly in cool evenings or late nights. If things still do not work out, try to wake your partner in the middle of the night if and only if your partner is not the type that doesn’t play with sleep. I know some people can’t sleep when they have issues bugging their minds, but you have to endure it till the early morning, make your spouse that very early in the morning to discuss things. Another day sun must not shine on your misunderstanding or grudge, it will continue to build up if you allow that and when it is eventually busted, you’ll hate your marriage. [Also Read; Happy couple habits you need to learn today]

#7. Don’t allow for whatever reason, a third party to come into your family issues. Settle it only with your partner.

#8. Even though you may not know how, try as must as you can to cook together, eat together, visit places together, play together, and Pray together

#9. These words should not be far from your mouth; “I LOVE YOU” “I AM SORRY” “THANK YOU” “YOU’RE THE BEST” and so on.

#10. Above all else, consult the Originator of your Marriage, your God, and ensure you read your Bible if you’re Christian and read your Quran if you’re Islam.

The Role of Individual Growth in a Marriage

Personal growth and self-awareness are fundamental to a thriving marriage. As individuals nurture their development, they lay the foundation for a resilient partnership. That said, it’s important for spouses to champion and support each other’s journeys, recognizing that two flourishing individuals contribute to a harmonious union.

The Value of Counseling and Therapy

Engaging in couples therapy or counseling isn’t a sign of marital failure but rather a proactive commitment to fortifying the relationship. By seeking guidance, couples can uncover deeper insights, address underlying issues, and cultivate tools to navigate challenges, ensuring a robust and enduring marital bond.

That’s it, the very secret that will keep your marriage happy and prosperous, remember that there are lots of them but these are just the top 10 of them all.

What has been keeping your marriage happy since you got married? What else apart from the 10 mentioned above you’ve heard or read somewhere that you think will also keep marriage happy and prosperous? Please leave a comment in the comment box below, I love to hear from you, and don’t forget to like my Facebook Fan Page as well as share this post with any of the social media icons below.

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