5 Reasons Dating Broke Guys Should Not Be An Option For You

dating broke guys

For some ladies, dating broke guys gives them an aura of decency, modesty, patience. All qualities greatly desired in what is loosely term ‘good wife material.’

On several forums online, it is common to come across a ‘broke dude vs rich dude‘ discussion. Many people rush to judgment when any lady claims dating broke guys is something they would never do.

They tag her bad. Some even go further to label ladies with that mindset gold diggers. It doesn’t matter if the lady has her own money. And it doesn’t occur to them the lady might have good reasons.

On the other hand, though, it is true that gold diggers would never consider dating broke guys. And to be frank, money as a motivation for dating is a red flag that the girl is up to no good.

When you are young, perhaps in your teenage age, money is never a factor in dating. The young are idealistic. Many still believe in Cinderella-like stories.

However, at a certain age, when you have to face the realities of life; dating broke guys should be done with a lot of caution. These are some of the reasons.

1. You would never really know him

dating broke guys

The lack of money does a lot of negative things to the psyche of a full-grown man.

A wise man once said that to know a man really well, give him money and power. Lack of money imposes a forced humility on most men.

You would never know what is bubbling under the surface. A broke guy is always walking on eggshells. This is because he is afraid of a situation where somebody would remind him of his broke ass.

So, you would never know the real character of your broke boyfriend. All you see a might be a sham. Chances are that he might cut and run once he’d made enough money to date the girl of his dreams.

In other words, you were never truly his choice.

2. They are desperate and clingy

dating broke guys

Dating broke guys would really teach any girl the real meaning of clingy and desperate man.

Some ladies actually hope and pray they would get a man who is like that. To their warped sense of thinking, a clingy man equates a faithful partner.

But, in the long run, it can be suffocating. You would feel restricted. And the absence of initiative from your man can drain you of the energy you need to face life every day.

However, any girl that is comfortable with a clingy and desperate man hanging on to her must have serious psychological problems.

3. They can’t take charge

dating broke guys

One of the qualities women love in men is the ability to take charge.

If you date broke guys, you can be sure a man who takes charge is what you’d never get. Take it from a dude who should know, your man’s ego is practically non-existent.

Though the ego is always taking a bad rap, it is important for our self-esteem. And with the lack of ego, your broke guy is practically an empty shell of a man.

4. Nobody would respect your man

It is the pride of any girl that people respect and look up to her man. But when your partner is perennially broke, everybody disrespects him in different ways.

His siblings make family decisions without seeking his input. They believe it is worthless because he has no money to back his words.

Friends too tend to bypass or avoid him for the same reason. Once in a while, a friend would invite your man for a drink or an outing just to ease their conscience.

But if it is something really important, your man is avoided like a diseased dog. That would surely rub off on you in a bad way.

5. Nothing ever happens in the relationship

dating broke guys

At first you might like the idea of staying indoors with your broke guy. But after a while, it gets boring very fast.

Just like any normal couple, you would want to go out on dates, parties, holidays and outings to exciting places.

If you don’t have your own money to sponsor these activities, be prepared to live a life devoid of any excitement. Perhaps you’d have to learn the art of creating different forms of indoors activities to fill up those long boring hours.

So unless you are Mother Theresa or you are so rich and immune to insults, dating broke guys is a sure pathway to lots of frustrations. The question becomes, why do you want to hurt yourself so?

Have you dated a broke guy before? What do you think about dating broke guys? We would love to read your thoughts in the comment section below. And do share this with your friends on Facebook or Twitter if you liked it.


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  1. Dating a broke guy is so frustrating.When he sees you with a new thing like clothes,make up or maybe you have done your hair,he will ask u rudely where u got the money to do all those?. And always has trust issues,he will start saying you got another man who does you that..OMG,it’s so frustrating

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