10 Common Pitches Men Use To Get A Romantic Bedroom Tryst With A Girl

One of the biggest problems for young adult men is how to arrange a romantic bedroom tryst with a girl. If they are faced with a strong-willed girl who had decided to remain sexually inactive before marriage, it can get really frustrating.

romantic bedroom tryst

How do you convince that cute girl after your heart you want it without looking like a he-goat on a mission?

Most times guys who are brave enough to insist on doing it are accused of wanting it more than anything else. In other words, the girl is saying you don’t really love them.

It could be frustrating really. I remember when I faced a similar situation back in the day. I did give up when the girl in question refused to oblige me.

And I was too proud to go on a begging spree. Imagine begging a girl for a romantic bedroom tryst just to have a good rumble in the hay.

When Ken, my player friend, heard about my decision to quit the affair because I couldn’t get my way, he was upset. His advice was simple: you must do anything to get a girl, even if you have to lie in a filthy gutter.

His point was simply not to give up, and begging was a viable option.

What about the ladies? It’s safe to say that they have heard all sorts of excuses as guys try to convince them to hop into bed with them. Some had had to break up the affair over this issue.

Ask any pretty lady who is committed to remaining a virgin. She’d heard all sorts of creative reasons to do it. And some of the excuses are so darn silly they bother on the insane.

Below are some of the top pitches ladies get to hear from men as they desperately seek a romantic bedroom tryst.

1. You are not a complete woman if you don’t do it

romantic bedroom tryst

Many dudes can get physiological when they want a lady. This is one excuse that works on her psychology to question her sexuality.

If the dude pitches it well, she begins to wonder what it means to be a real woman. She envisions opening up a whole new vista of her personality by having a go at intimacy.

This quasi-intellectual prodding would definitely pique her imagination.

2. Virginity is overrated

Here the dude punches straight telling poor babe her Virginity means nothing in this age.

Besides what extra points would she gain in life by being a virgin? Can’t she see all her friends doing it and are still leading normal lives?

3. No prizes for being a virgin

This is my personal favorite. I even used it on a girl I was dating. Out of the blues, apropos of nothing, she decided she would be celibate until marriage.

I was aghast. I saw one of my most cherished privileges disappearing before me. I didn’t let her know how much I detested the idea though. I simply told her it was a great idea.

The only problem, I said, was that nobody is going to give her an award for it. And to tell the truth, nobody cares about it that much.

She quietly changed her mind after a couple of days. She informed me it was because of what I said. Done!

4. Do you really love me? Prove it.

This is a regular line from many frustrated men to their stubborn girlfriends. Another way of saying it is, ‘Action speaks louder than words.’

In other words, it’s high time you quit saying you love him and put your loins where your mouth is.

5. Are you frigid?

romantic bedroom tryst

When a guy comes with that question, the girl finds herself in a bind. She can’t know because she is a virgin. The only way to find out for sure is to try it out.

And the girl has to prove she is not frigid because being tagged one is bad. It is, after all, a medical condition that requires treatment. Seriously, no normal man wants to marry a frigid girl.

6. Let’s see if we are compatible

Sexual compatibility is one of the most important ingredients of a successful marriage.

Again, guy has a point there. He has the right to know if he can hit it off famously with his girl in bed before committing to something as extreme as marriage.

Nobody wants to end up with a situation that could easily lead to cheating on her or even divorce once sexual incompatibility pops up after marriage.

7. I have a medical condition

Seriously, some men get really creative with all sorts of medical issues that can only be solved by a romantic bedroom tryst. Some even claim they would die if they don’t do it.

Sometimes, the ladies have to agree to show they care.

8. You would look better

You’d find many articles online about how regular intimacy with a partner improves the looks of the lady. There are some about glowing skin and as a panacea for certain conditions including headaches.

Guys that have read all this spin it to good effect to get what they want. Who doesn’t want glowing skin and an overall tip-top health status?

9. Need to know you can get pregnant

romantic bedroom tryst

This is for the dude who has already convinced said girl he’d marry her. But only on the condition that she is capable of getting pregnant.

Desperate girls easily fall for that line. To be sure, there is no guarantee the guy would marry her after getting his way.

10. Cures menstrual cramps

Ladies who dread that time of the month because of the pains are susceptible to this. They would give or do anything to make the pain go away.

And if it means a romantic bedroom tryst with bae, so be it.

But they would, of course, find out later it was a ploy to get them into bed. By then it is already too late.

So these are just some of the reasons guys would pitch to a lady for a first intimacy with a girl. Ladies should know that all these are nothing but means to get laid.

Ladies, guys, what other pitches have you heard dudes coming up with to get a girl into bed?

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