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A good thing about a wedding is that it doesn’t have to follow strictly a laid down rules. There is no need to strive strictly to conform your special day to the standard norms that generally exist at weddings. You can decide to make your wedding special and unique by tweaking a few things like walking-down-the-aisle.

In this article, we have provided fantastic alternatives to the walking-down-the-aisle that are worth considering. You don’t have to go for them if they don’t particularly interest you bet they are definitely a hit towards creating a custom-made wedding day celebration.

walking down the aisle
walking down the aisle

Choose someone to walk-down-the-aisle with you

You can choose someone to walk you down the aisle with you if your both parents are no more. You may also choose to walk-down-the-aisle with someone who brought you up and the person under whose care you were nurtured at a certain stage of your life.

Another reason you may want to choose someone else to walk down the aisle with you is when for certain reasons you have no special connections with your parents and you have someone else that is very much endearing to you.

Another reason you may want to choose someone else to walk down the aisle with you is when for certain reasons you have no special connections with your parents and you have someone else that is very much endearing to you.

In the same way, if your parents were divorced and re-married when you were young, you might be faced with the chance of choosing which of the two ‘fathers’  to choose as your companion while walking-down-the-aisle.

It is significant to be aware that at the end of the day, you will be married to the one you love and as soon as the celebration and the day are over, it will no longer matter who you walked down the aisle with.

However, if your intention is to choose other alternatives to the standard norm of walking with a father, you could walk with your mum, grandparent, sibling, best friend or even take your pet with you.

To widen up your horizons, you can begin to think about that wedding ritual as someone to be your companion instead of someone who is giving you over to your husband for marriage.

Choose to walk-down-the-aisle with your husband instead

If you choose to let go of the need to choose a third party to accompany you while walking-down-the-aisle , you may like most couples these days decide walk-down-the-aisle with your would-be husband holding hands to show that you are starting your new journey into married life as equals.

You may also decide on walking-down-the-aisle with your husband in turn, or meet with your partner halfway down the aisle and walk the rest route to the wedding ceremony event together.

But if you are not comfortable at all with walking down any type of aisle, there are also alternatives for you.

Alter the Traditional shape of walking-down-the-aisle

Circle ceremonies are currently becoming the order of the day. More and more people are opting for them.In this t6ype of arrangement, the ceremony is designed with a circular or spiral seating, so you and your partner can walk through the spiral to get to the center, where the marriage ceremony will hold.

It’s one of the aisle alternatives that has become trendy it makes it easier for all the invited guests to see the ceremony and it produces a more intimate setting.

As an alternative,  you can arrange your guests gather in a circular form and keep two seats for you and your partner, which you will take possession of when the ceremony starts.

It actually produces a community feel for your wedding, but won’t function very well if you have too many invited guests in their hundreds.


Another alternative to walking-down-aisle which you might want to consider is to keep the ceremony space closed off and out of view of guests and create a space for you, your partner, and wedding party to be in front of the ceremony space.

When your guests enter the venue, they would be the ones to walk down the aisle to be with you and your partner.

Bridal party walk

Another possible alternative is to get all invited guests to walk down with you and your partner in the spirit of togetherness.You can begin the procession with a route not far from the ceremony space and walk in together while your wedding party stays in front.

The rest of your guests can either then take seats or gather in a group around you and your partner.

There are a lot of other creative alternatives to walking down the aisle. Feel free to devise one if you are not particularly interested in any of these. All that is necessary is to have something that matches your individuality and your personal style including the form of wedding experience you’d love to create.

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