Wedding Details Your Guests Will Definitely Notice (or Not)

Wedding Details Your Guests Will Definitely Notice (or Not)

All brides imagine there weddings to be Pinterest-perfect. They want to fulfil their own childhood dreams, impress the guests and, at the end of the day, have everyone leave satisfied. Mission impossible. In reality, you cannot make everyone happy. Especially if you have a very tight wedding budget to meet. With this kind of thinking, you can easily go overboard and splurge money on things people will not even notice or will not remember in the long run, while skimping on seemingly unimportant yet essential details. We are here to help you make wise choices.

Things to Splurge On

Wedding Details Your Guests Will Definitely Notice

Seating. You might want to set some time aside for figuring out the best seating arrangement. Your guests will definitely notice if you place them next to someone they do not know, do not like, or simply have nothing in common with.

In every family there are at least two people who do not speak to each other. You would not want to put those people next to each other. Another thing the guests will notice are the chair covers and linens, which will help transform the occasion as well provide comfort for your guests.

Lighting. Regardless of the wedding venue, special lighting will make the ambience even more memorable. Lighting can transform a simple ballroom into a fairy tale castle or a dreary dungeon. Candles and lanterns will lend a nice romantic touch to your wedding. Besides, there is a practical side to it, not just aesthetic. You do not want your guests to stumble in the dark.

Flowers. This décor detail might seem irrelevant at a first glance. And truly, no one will pay much attention to a beautiful floral centrepiece. Leave it out, and it will be the talk of the wedding venue. You do not have to go with anything exotic and out of the season, as long as they are beautifully arranged. Same goes for the bridal bouquet and flower girl baskets to carry when walking down the aisle. You can make the baskets yourself, and the guests will admire the effort you invested.

Things to Skimp On

Wedding Details Your Guests Will Definitely Notice

Tableware. Do you remember the pattern on the plates or the thickness of the wine glasses at the last wedding you attended? Of course not. No one does. Stick to basics. They are easier to incorporate in the overall wedding theme anyway. Same goes for table linens. After all, they are covered with tableware and hard to notice.

Exotic Menu. If you can afford plenty of foie grass for everyone – great. If not, a simple yet delicious and ample pork tenderloin meal will satisfy your guests’ taste buds and stomachs. They will remember if you send them home hungry.

Expensive Liquor. You do not need to serve top of the line liquor at the wedding. Just make sure there is plenty of it. It is safer to go with a lower-tier selection of beverages the entire time, than having to tell your guests to switch to some other drink, or even worse, to pay from their own pocket if they do not want to mix drinks.

Have you already drawn up your wedding budget? What is the most costly item on the list?

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