Top Money Saving Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding photography memory is one of those things you’d not want to be left undone. Getting a well gifted wedding photographer surely doesn’t come easy. We have provided therefore in this article basic wedding photography tips that do not break your pocket and yet provide the result you desire.

Yes, because, for a special day like your wedding day with a lot of things already stretching your budget, these wedding photography tips cautiously guides you on the wisest course of action not run out of your budget and run into unexpected debts.

You can save some money and still make use of top quality wedding photographer, if you apply these wedding photography tips.

Wedding photography tips
Wedding photography tips

The forms of wedding photos you desire are not the indication of the price tag. This means that the most costly wedding photographs are not indication of the best photographs.

Check out with a number of wedding photographers and ask them to show you their profiles and sample works to determine if they are the right choice of photographer for your wedding.

If what you are looking for is fun filled, exceptional and edgy photos; get a photographer who can prove that he or she has done that before and get their clients testimony to ensure that what they are saying is the truth.

The following are top money saving wedding photography tips that ensure you get the best out of your special day at an affordable cost:

Order your own photo album

Although ordering your own wedding photo album may alter the quality, it is worth doing as money saving photography tips. You may be able to save huge sum of money if you ordered your own album.

If your wedding photographer is willing to provide you with the high resolution images or give you realistic charge to obtain those, you should be able to save a huge sum of money by ordering your own album.

Do your family portraits after the wedding ceremony, instead of before the wedding

Many couples today decide to go for “first look” wedding photographs  on their wedding day but this has a disadvantage. The bad side of it is that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your cocktail reception for a good deal of time. This entails that your wedding photographer would have less hours to spend and which in turn is money saving wedding photography tips.

Decide before hand the number of dancing photos you’d need

The dancing photographs turn out to be redundant in the closing hours, and thus, it may be some prudent money saving photography tips to plan your photographs on the earlier part of the day, instead of after the reception. If required, you may plan to cut the cake and toss the bouquet earlier in order to ensure that your photographer is discharged earlier. Incorporating these into your wedding plan surely is further money saving wedding photography tips.

Consider wedding video and include it into your wedding photography tips

Given the fact that these days we are in the new digital age where video has turned out to be as significant as wedding photography. Wedding video is as significant as wedding photography. The majority of people are bound to watch wedding recording on Facebook or in a family email thread or in the television.

Those days of boring video that no one watches are gone. The video of today narrates the events of the day and captures the significant leftovers that you may have missed.

The video would reveal details not captured by the photography like the groom’s face as the bride walks down the aisle or the bride’s tears as she opens the groom’s gift and note before they behold each other at the wedding ceremony.

The wedding video would as well capture the precious looks on your family’s faces during the couple’s first dance steps and speeches.

In an effort to save cost, you may wish to replace a few still photos with video footage. Although video would adds to your overall budget, it is among money saving wedding photography tips. Videoing your wedding and the availability of the moving images entails an automatic cut down on the need for many stationary photos.

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  1. Great article, just another little tip – ordering your own album can definitely save a bunch of money, but it can also have some other costs. You’ll have to do all the design work and ordering yourself, and depending on the album type this can be quite technical. Also, you may be unable to check the quality of the albums ahead of ordering, especially if you’re ordering a photobook online. So while the actual hard-cost or the album may be less, you may find that the many hours of work and research it takes may make it worth paying your photographer, who has already done that in advance. Thanks for the great piece! 🙂

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