Why Wedding Photography Should Form a Significant Part of Your Wedding Budget

Wedding photography should be included as one of the major wedding planning event processes and form a significant part of your wedding budget. Ask me why? You would have probably heard of this saying before: After the cake is cut, the flowers are wilted, the guests are gone, the gifts have been collected and the honeymoon is over, your wedding photos are the only tangible things you will have left. So, needless to say, getting your wedding photography right is very important.

Whether or not your wedding photos are a priority during the planning process, I can almost guarantee that they will be after the wedding. You’d probably not remember all that happened on your wedding day. Your wedding photo will be there to remind you of majorities of these happenings that you may have forgotten decades of years to come. It is also a lovely patrimony to leave for your children and grand children.

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Photography on your big day will capture every aspect, every moment, and every emotion and provide memories for years to come. So it’s important you get it right. The right photographer can make a budget dress look breathtaking, but the wrong photographer can make a Vera Wang gown look tacky. Ask anyone who’s been burned; it’s not a bargain if you hate your photos.

Your wedding day is probably one of the few times in your life that you will have all your family members and friends in the same place at the same time. You definitely want to get photos of them all together. There are lots of moments to capture. It will be well worth your time to find a photographer who produces work that you truly love. Starting your search early on will allow you to choose a photographer that you enjoy working with.

General Context & The Nigerian Factor

Due to the time and skill involved in shooting a wedding, photography will rank as one of your major expenses. Photography is the cornerstone of your wedding’s memories and if combined with videography (if it’s involved), it often amounts close to 10 percent of the overall budget.

It comes as a relief to many Nigerian couples therefore when family members opt to cover costs of photography. It is not unusual to see more than three or four official photographers in a typical Nigerian wedding ceremony. Parents of the couple and close relatives chip in on such costs and either keep the pictures for themselves or give to the couple.

This should in no way affect the couples’ choice of an official wedding photographer. The right picture instantly takes you back to the happiest day of your life.


What To Look For in a professional photographer before hiring?

Unlike the work of your other wedding vendors, photographs aren’t things you can hear, smell, and taste or even see at first. You don’t really get to see the results until after the wedding, which is the more reason why careful research and selectiveness regarding professional skills, artistic style and your ability to connect with the photographer are extra-important.

Here are some important questions you and your partner should ask each other before choosing a wedding photographer for your big day:

Do We Like His Portfolio?

Examine a few real-life wedding albums the photographer created and ask yourself if you are really comfortable with them. If you see a bulk of formal shots which are good but you’d prefer yours to be more candid, ask the photographer if he is open to that.

Do We Connect Well With Him?

This may be the most important question. You should be able to communicate with your photographer with a simple eye contact. In order to get the best photos, go with a professional who has a firm grasp of social graces and also puts you at ease.

Does He/She Have Good Recommendations?

Most times, word of mouth is the best way to get good recommendations. Ask couples the photographers they have worked with and request for to recommendations bearing their experiences in mind before making your final choice.

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