7 Wedding Glitches to Avoid on your Wedding Day

When preparing for your wedding, no matter the extent to which you’ve gone in ensuring all goes well, there are certain things that can still go wrong. In order to prevent this from happening, it’s best to know what those wedding glitches are so you can plan well.

The 7 wedding glitches you should take note of are:

Your wedding gown or suit:

7 Wedding Glitches to Avoid on your Wedding Day (2)

Some people wait till its getting close to their wedding day before buying their gowns and suits. The reason is so they would fit into it properly just in case they’ve added some weight before their wedding day. In order not to feel embarrassed, ensure you consciously watch your weight prior to your wedding so your clothes can suit you well. Grooms should ensure the buttons on their suits and trouser zip are sewn properly to prevent falling off. Your appearance on that day is your first statement to the world so do all you can to look exceptional.

Your cars:

Whether you are renting one or you own one, one thing you must check is how fit the car you want to use is. Make sure a mechanic services it well so you would not be disappointed on that day. Imagine on your way to your wedding and the car suddenly breaks down or refuses to start. That would be devastating, isn’t it? You wouldn’t want to have any delays at your wedding, would you?

Your bridesmaids or grooms men:

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Imagine your chief brides maid bailing on you on that day? The presence of these sets of people add colour to your event and makes it complete. It would not be nice if some of them do not show up. Ensure you carry them along and include them in your plans so all of them can be at your event.

Your wedding venue:

These days people book their venues way ahead of time to prevent disappointments. If you want to use a hall, ensure the date doesn’t clash with someone else’s. Also ensure the officiating minister is kept abreast of your plans so they include you in their itinerary. You would not want your guests standing outside the venue just because your plans were not concrete enough.

Your wedding planner or event decorator:

To have a splendid event, ensure your event decorator and other organisers are well settled financially so they do a good job. Money motivates people to want to do more so try avoiding any inconvenience by making them happy as well. If they are dissatisfied, I believe they will do a “not so good” job.

Your choice of music:

By now, you should have gotten a DJ or band who will perform on that day. Ensure you hire a professional so you have the best of mix. One thing you don’t want is having a cracked record being played or having to hear the wrong mix of songs.

Your MC:

7 Wedding Glitches to Avoid on your Wedding Day

Most MC’s who anchor a wedding event are comedians in a way. You wouldn’t want your guests to be bored, would you? Ensure you hire someone who is skilled at it and would make your guests feel at home.

These 7 wedding glitches should be avoided at all cost on your wedding day.

Are you now ready to make plans for your wedding? We would love to know how it went down. Our ears are buzzing…

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