Top Makeup Removers That Completely take off Your Makeup Before Bed

There are lots of products in the market for the removal of makeup. To enable you make the right choice, we have provided in this article top makeup removers that help you do the job pretty quickly and effectively too. Since you want to get the job done as efficiently as possible. You can find removers listed on sites such as, and anywhere you search on the internet. What you should pay attention to is that you always make sure that the remover is as organic as possible to avoid hurting the skin.

There is no makeup remover that takes off the bits off your face in a twinkle of an eye.

When we have had a log day at work, we often feel tired at night and taking off makeup from our face before bedtime seems like the hardest job ever.  The job of washing off makeup is especially harder when you swathe your face with waterproof products like mascara.

top makeup removers

Synthetic top makeup removers and wipes can be obtained easily. They also help you to clear your face swiftly but they are not the best choice especially in terms of health consigns.

There is however natural top makeup removers out there that you can incorporate into your beauty regimen which are not only fast but which are not harmful or injurious to your skin.

They are worth your consideration anytime you’re on the lookout for top makeup removers.

Baby Wipes

There are wipes that are used as top makeup remover. Majority of people find it effective but for some people, it causes some form of skin irritation.

If using such wipes causes a drier effect on your skin, you are better off in baby wipes. They ensure that your skin remains hydrated and at the same time perfectly carry out the work for you.

Coconut Oil top makeup removers

Coconut oil is a very good natural remedy. It is one of the top makeup removers that you will particularly fall in love with. Cosmetic chemist states that coconut oil works by breaking down the very hard to remove waterproof makeup products.

It is so effective that you don’t need to scrub or pull your face. In addition to that, it is great moisturizer and thus keeps your face hydrated.

Massage a generous amount into your palm or dab the oil on a cotton pad. You can make use of frozen coconut oil or melted one but melted one is much better.  After taking off the makeup, wash your face with fragrance-free soap to make certain that the entire product has been removed.

Steam from steamy water

Steam is also one of the natural top makeup removers you can use. Fill your sink with teaming hot water and lean over it for some minutes. The water must not be boiling hot but steamy.

The steamy water helps to unclog your pores and helps you to easily remove the makeup with ordinary facial soap. You may however opt to use make oil or baby wipes and then steam your face.

What you need to do is to merely soak a face flannel in hot water, allow it to cool down and wipe your face with it.

Baby Oil

Baby oil is one of the top makeup removers that have proven to yield very good results. It is not only very effective; it is very mild on your skin and doesn’t constitute any harm.

 Milk and sweet almond oil

You’d be surprised that milk functions as one of top makeup removers that are healthy for your skin. Get a mouthful of milk and mix it with little drops of sweet almond oil.

The mixture of both works perfectly as top makeup removers. Use a cotton ball to apply the mixture to your face and rinse off to get a clean face. Ensure that the milk you use for the mixture is not expired, though.


Cucumbers are top make makeup removers. Blend your cucumber until it turns into a paste and mix it with a little oil of your choice but I recommend olive oil. The mixture soothes the skin while at the same time takes the makeup off and keeps your skin looking clean and natural gain.

Baking Soda & Honey top makeup removers

Baking soda mixed with honey turn into a very good paste. This serves as a very good makeup remover. Apply the mixture on face flannel and gently wipe your face clean. You don’t need to pull or scrub your face. The baking soda does that work for you. Rinse your face after.

These top makeup removers are not just functional and efficient; they are also easily accessible and are more cost effective than the synthetic make up removing products out there in the market.

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