Tips to conceal tiredness: These 5 makeup Tricks Will Make You appear Less Tired

Although we know that we need to give our body enough rest on daily basis, often times, we’re carried away with activities that deprive us of full night rest. The result is that we wake up in the morning feeling grumpy and dull. Personally, I discovered that while I always have intentions of going to bed early, I’ve been caught up watching favorite television/movie show. Sometimes, I am late browsing the internet or chatting away with friends. Your sleep could as well be deprived due to hectic work load, when nursing a baby and when over excited for a forthcoming big event.  Insufficient rest isn’t good for your health, your facial look, your mood and your beauty.

Here are 5 beauty and makeup tricks that help you conceal your tiredness when you are up the next morning:


Smoky makeup tricks is no good at all 

When you have insufficient night rest, it is recommended not to do too much make-up on your face. Smoky and dark eyes will reveal your tired eye rather than conceal them. At a time like this, it is better to go for a clean and polished makeup that looks more natural. Add neutral shades and matching eyeliner. Make your eyelashes wavy by curling them. Applying plenty of mascara only on the top eye lashes enhances your eye volume making your eyes look brighter and more alert. You can also use a bubbly eye shadow to accentuate the inner corner of your eye. Apply just the amount you need to get enough sparkle but don’t make it too frosty.

Use Makeup tricks that conceals Dark Circles


When you are out of the bed in the morning and found that you’ve got swollen eyes, apply a cooling eye serum beneath your eyes some minutes before you apply concealing makeup. The majority of women erroneously use too much concealer. Too much concealer is bad for your face and beauty. The last thing you desire is pill up too much concealer beneath your eyes, particularly if they are bulging or excessively dark. Such can heighten the dull feel and make your eyes heavy. It can in extreme situation crumple and produce plenty of fine lines. All you need on your under eye is a little dab of concealer. Daub gently to blend till you’ve got the feel you want. Dabbing a little eye cream with concealer will help to improve your eye’s hydration.

Emphasize Your Cheeks

Apply a soft, dew-like touch of accentuation to the cheeks through the application of cream blush. Do this first to the apples and after that blend a little quantity of revealing cream highlighter above it for a clever sparkle and warmth. Use only the quantity that is just adequate to make your skin appear fresh and clean. Try not to go for the quantity that will make your face look too greasy or over glossy.

 Soften the Lips

Dark colored lipsticks are no good when you wake up feeling dull and grumpy. It is better to use fresh rose or natural peach or bare shades lipsticks to give your lips enough color. Try not to over-do it though. The color shade must be small and not over luminous. It is better to use warmer color   shades; silver pinks hues and mauves. Make use of a lip balm or lip gross to keep your lips more hydrated before you apply the lipstick.

 Use facial spray

Keep your face hydrated during the day by using a hydrated spritz. Keep the spray handy in your purse together with other nourishing antioxidants to additionally give your skin a lift.

With these five makeup tricks, you are sure to conceal tiredness on the day you feel dull and grumpy and make your eyes look smart and alert.


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