How to Avoid Common Beauty And Makeup Foundation Mistakes

It is a bit tricky to find the perfect and matching foundation for your face. How do you know the particular foundation that matches perfectly with your natural skin color shade? Although we have to use foundation on a day to basis, knowing the right foundation is an art rather than a gift. You may think that you have mastered the art of makeup like a pro, but you’d never know you are guilty of these common foundation mistakes until you have checked them out:

Testing the foundation under a perfect brightly colored light


Testing foundation under the right color ensures that you make a right choice.  Illumination is particularly essential and ensures that you buy the right color hue for your skin. When out to buy a foundation, endeavor to try the foundation on and check  the effect on broad day light after 15 minutes. The natural body warmth on the skin usually oxidizes foundation after few minutes. To ensure that the color you’ve chosen is a perfect match for your skin, it is better to try it on and check how it turns out after few minutes under bright day light.

Selecting the right foundation texture

The texture of foundation you choose must match your skin type. If your skin is dry, it is a wrong choice to use a matte foundation. Application of such foundation will cause a drier skin effect and a loss of skin moisture.  A common foundation mistake made by women with oily face is to use powder foundation. Majority of these women think that powder is the best for their oily skin while in essence they are better off with a water-based foundation.

Knowing the right volume shade of foundation to apply

Those with a fairer skin tone often end up making foundation mistake by thinking that the fact that they are fair skinned means they need minimal shade of foundation. Expert advises that you choose a deeper color shade foundation instead of a lighter shade colored foundation if you are fair in complexion.

Tanning the skin with foundation

It is best to use the right foundation for your skin color shades. However, if you are looking for a tanned skin, make use of bronzer or minerals that warms up face color after the application of your perfect skin colored foundation to make the skin more brilliant and dazzling.

Applying wrong foundation formula

Weighty foundation coverage on the face is brilliant if you can get it right. It is better to go for medium coverage for real life wear. You should only use weighty concealer when appropriate. Apply foundation completely with a supple, feathery brush to ensure a perfect blend.

 Imperfect blending of your foundation

The most common practice among women is to blend the foundation with the fingers. The result is that various lines of separation appear all over their face. You need to blend out the color well so as not to get a freckled look.  Using edgeless sponge such as Beauty blender to blend the foundation ensures that the color is evenly distributed to the skin. This makes your face to look more natural.

Incomplete application foundation mistakes

A common foundation mistake is to apply your foundation only on your face and not touching on the neckline. This leaves their face and neck with different color hues. You need to watch it out and never forget to apply your foundation down to your neck line.

Wrong Powdering foundation mistakes

Some foundations are good in themselves. They don’t need additional powdering. A common foundation mistake women make is to think that they must habitually powder their face. What matters is your final look. If foundation alone looks good on your face, there is no need for extra powdering especially when you use mineral foundations that makes the face to glitter.

Sticking to the same foundation all season

Again, the majority of women erroneously think that they must use the same type of foundation for all season, some foundation are well suited for rainy season while others are more suited for dry season. Try out different options and find out the beauty regimen that works best for you.

Wearing little or no foundation

Many women do use foundation but not enough to give their face a lift. A few women, however, don’t use any foundation at all. The result is a face that looks wishy-washy and patchy.

With so many types of foundation available out there in the market, all you need to do to find a perfect match is to first know the kind of look and feel you hope to achieve. When you have known that; try different foundations out till you have found a perfect match for your skin.

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