Top fun tips to make engagement public today!

A guy after your heart has finally proposed to you and has put a glamorous engagement ring on your finger. Fantastic! Now, what you are looking for is how to get the word out there. This article provides you with tips to make engagement public.

Go with the standard

You can make your engagement public today by taking a standard couple’s engagement photo. You may have probably seen a lot of people who announced their engagement this way.

This is very simple to do. You can just snap a fabulous shot of you and your fiancé and post it on your social media. Alternatively, you can print it off and send it to your friends and families through the post.

You may hire a professional photographer for the shot if you desire a truly memorable shot.

make engagement public today
make engagement public

Make engagement public today through a shot your two hands

A shot of your two hands wearing the engagement ring is another trendy way couples showcase their engagement to the world. While taking the shot, focus on the ring to make it very conspicuous.

Alternatively, you can make engagement public today by taking a close-up picture of the ring, with you and your fiancé unfocused and in the background.

Make engagement public today by showing off your love

If you and your new fiance have been writing love letters or sending love texts to each print out those letters or text messages and read them out to each other and as you read, take snap shots to showcase the reaction of your fiance to the text and letter.

Make engagement public today through sneak attack

If you want to make engagement public today through a sneak attack, you need to plan it ahead.

Before your proposal, arrange to make your friend or professional photographer to be close by to capture the original reaction shot as your fiancée accepts the proposal.

Make engagement public today through a bombshell (cocktail) party

Arrange a get cocktail party with all your friends and, as soon as everyone arrives, break the news and make engagement public today. This is priceless as it will help you to see the immediate reaction of all your friends.

Be extraordinarily creative

You can search online for ideas of how to make engagement public through Pinterest. If you are highly creative couple, you can create new designs and used your preferred colours, and when you are done, take a photo shot and share with your friends.

What it is all about is producing something that is full of fun and which showcases your relationship.

Make engagement public through the use of beach sand

If your house is close to the beach, you can make engagement public today by going to the beach together. Go to the area with beach sand, and make your announcement there.

Write the words “I said yes!” with the sand or with pieces of debris you’ll found on the shore like shells and driftwood and take a shot of it.

Make engagement public today by creating a heart-felt message

You can use overlapped thumb prints or hands to draw a heart. It will help your love to shine through just like the message you incorporate if you incorporate the ring in your picture or words like ‘we’re engaged!’

Craft the word, we are engaged on your coffee mugs or champagne flutes

You can print on your coffee mugs and champagne flutes that you are engaged or just through the print of Mr. and Mrs. You may incorporate with your picture. This will send a very clear and vivid signal.

Create a fun Design of you both through Photoshop

If you’re skilled with Adobe’s image manipulation software, you can create a movie poster starring yourself and your fiance’s pictures. If you can’t handle that, you may do something a bit simpler.

Apart from these tips, you can as well shoot a few seconds or minutes’ intagram video, or put the video on a wedding website. You may also announce your engagement through a newspaper.

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