How to Show Love Without Saying Much part 2

You’d be amazed with the tremendous result you’d achieve when you show love without saying much. This is aspect of our love life we oftentimes tends to forget and neglect; yet they are a very crucial part of love and relationship.

In fact, it is safe to say without practicing these tips, your relationship is built on a shallow foundation and is bound to collapse one day sooner or later.

Read the first part of this article on how to show love without saying much, here, before continuing to get full gist.

show love without saying much
show love without saying much

Show love without saying much through Love Notes

Please when I say ‘love notes’ I don’t mean ‘love letters.’ No, I don’t mean that. I’m talking about witty love words that can spin the head of your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife.

Make sure the notes you are going to write are not commonly known and easily conveys your love without saying much to him or her. Yes! All you need is to write out your true and deepest feelings for him or her on a paper.

Make your writing to be emotionally touchy. At the end, ensure that you drop the note where he or she can easily notice it. Let me give you examples of where to keep them.

Under her or his pillow will be a good place. You can even put it in your partner’s breast pocket. On top of the bed will be a good place, too. Try to make it romantic.

Morning Surprises that pass on messages of love without saying much

You can give morning surprises to your partner by doing those things they would least expect you to do. Let’s take for instance, you can wake up before him or her in the morning and boil warm water for his or her bath.

You can also collect your partner’s tooth brush and put tooth paste on it just to give him or her big surprise. Then go to his or her sleeping bed and whisper softly into his or her ear that water for bath is ready.

My husband is that caring and still remains remarkable in my life. He is so romantic and caring that he would get up first thing in the morning, prepare a breakfast.

And sometimes he would come to bed and raise my hand in the morning; and give me a sensational morning peck before he would say, “darling, your food is ready.”

In reality, this is a remarkable way of showing love without saying much. You don’t expect men to be taking care of food and kitchen and when he does it, it is only an indication of true love and commitment.

What did you deduce from that? Believe me; if you can learn and practice this kind of love, it is worth more than a million ‘I love you or I miss you.’

Guess what? This kind of love and affection registers in mind forever. If you have a friend or partner like that, you would find it really, really hard to cop and live without him or her.

Why? Such actions would really make you feel much love without saying much.

When Last Did you Buy A Gift For Your Partner?

A little gift can speak volumes and help you show love without saying much. Remember, action speaks louder than voice. You don’t need to be saying every day before you go to bed: “I love you, sweetie.”

Though it sounds good, but, believe me, it fades with time! Hence, you need to go beyond saying ‘I love you.’ You can actually say it best by buying for him or her that thing he or she likes most no matter how small it is.

You can make her or his day by buying for her or him a greeting card or a happy birthday card during the birthday. These things, believe me, carry heavier weight than the common ‘I love you’ anybody can say any time.

On a final note, true love is not learnt. I can testify to that from my experience. It just flows out naturally. So, how do you actually show love without saying much? By being yourself! You don’t need to be me.

You don’t need to be him or her. God has put into each and every one of us that natural spark of love.  You only need to ignite it.

You need to discover it, oil and nurture it to grow and mature into a healthy fruit which invariably will culminate into a healthy and love-filled married life and permanent romantic relationship.

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