Signs That A Man You Are About To Wed Is A Perfect Match

Knowing what marriage is all about and what it truly means to both to God and to humanity is essential before taking a leap into a married state of life. Again, you must also know what true love is, be full of love yourself and able to pour out same to your partner. You cannot give what you don’t have. Love is two sided. It must “give”; it must take. Just as you are willing to give, you must also be ready and open to accept from your partner. Look for these signs in a man you are about to wed to ensure he is a perfect match.

Your perfect match would show the flowing signs:

about to wed

The man you are about to wed goes out his way to do things your way in order to please you

He understands that there is nothing as beautiful, charming, gorgeous and sensual as a woman with a gentle and peaceable spirit.

The man you are about to wed values those facts about you although he might often grumble about the little things you want him to do, but he understands how essential they are and is willing to do them.

Take for instance, you’d stressed on how important it is to you that the house be kept tidied and he tries to make sure that he keeps to it from the day you spoke about it. . It is as well a clear indication of his love for you.

For a happy married life, compromises are inevitable. You must learn to mutually give room for these allowances if you hope to have a lasting and happy relationship.

A man who loves you and is about to wed you would be desperate to make you happy

He’d go out of his way to put smile on your face. He is willing to make you happy. The man you are about to wed should be able and prepared to do everything in his power to ensure that you are happy if he is your perfect match. The man who truly loves you would feel comfortable to receive love and expressions of love from you.

He is willing to relax and let you also help him to be the best he could be.  In a true married life, both partners know that they are unfinished persons with peculiar weaknesses but who have rooms for improvements.

Your true husband is thus willing to allow you to help him to improve on his weak points to bring out the best in him for the benefit of the marriage, family, home and any child or children that God may bless you with.

Your true husband will include you in the everyday plan of his life as well as in his future life

Your true Husband or the man you are about to wed must not be selfish only believing that his opinions matters more than yours: He instinctively would know it at the back of his mind that he is about to delve into a serious stage of his life.

He would know he is about take a giant leap into another and deeper stage of life where, “I” no longer matters much but “we” – a stage in life where he is no longer going to take decisions about things alone but must seek the opinion of his partner-you.

So your true husband would use the word “we instead of saying “I” or “Me” while talking without even realizing that he is already showing through his utterances that you have become part of his life.

He would value your opinion so much and would not take any crucial decisions about his own life without seeking your opinions or engaging in a discussion with you.

Your true husband would treat you like a lady

Majority of men particularly younger ones, have not learnt suitable and appropriate ways of treating women. The majority of men have no qualms about touching their girlfriends in private.

With public displays of affection, nonetheless, they can be a little more hesitant. If the man you are about to wed always follows you or walk next to you, he holds your hand instinctively in public, and cuddles round you to offer you protection, and proudly announcing his love for you to the world, he ensures you never have to open a door when he’s around.

A  that is about to wed you would be addicted to you that he wouldn’t allow you to carry anything apart from your purse and even then, he never allows you to use it because he’s happy to always pay the bill; these are clear pointers of how his heart is set on fire for you.

He does all these for you not because he is some kind of servant, but because he is well aware of the role of each of you in the relationship. Just as much as he serves and adore you, you must endeavor to equally treat him with respect.

Loss of respects is the reason behind the majority of broken homes and marriages. If your guy truly respects you, it would never cross his mind to dishonor you by cheating with other women. He would be courteous and good-mannered and cares about what you think of his behavior.

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