How To Use Eye Contact Successfully (Attraction Secrets)

How To Use Eye Contact Successfully (Attraction Secrets)

Do you know how to use your eye contact to successfully attract guys or ladies? It’s not all about touching or a confident, relaxed pose. Probably about a third of the whole game is knowing how to use your eyes in just the right ways to successfully set the stage for attraction. There is a popular saying that goes like this “the things which the mouth can’t say the eyes can convey”. (The things wey mouth no fit talk, eye go fit carry am and deliver the message with no hustle at all) that’s a pidgin translation of it.
How To Use Eye Contact SuccessfullyIf the eyes are use right, it can make you look like a confident, relaxed, friendly and attractive guy/lady. If you don’t know how to use it, your eyes will betray you and tell him/her everything you do not want her to know. They can easily turn you into a desperate or uptight guy/lady with no confidence whatsoever.
Here are some tips to attract the opposite sex using eye contact as a secret weapon.

On The Approach

When you first approach a girl/guy, look her/him in the eyes then greet her/him and smile. This shows that you’re a relaxed and a friendly guy/lady. The whole point is to be natural with it. You should be comfortable. If you’re approaching a group of girls/guys, give them all a look in turn and flash them that same smile. It has the same effect whether it’s one girl/guy or many. Keep an eye contact whenever talking to a man/woman. This will make him/her feel that you are sincere with whatever you are saying. A man/woman who looks through the eyes of a woman/man conveys the message more clearly than the guy/lady who keeps talking and staring at the ground.

Breaking Eye Contact

How we break eye contact is also a key. You should always break eye contact to the side or up. Never do it by looking down, because this shows submission, lack of confidence. He/she may break it with you, but don’t let that get to you. The opposite sex might be shy or lacking in confidence. The last thing you wouldn’t want to do is let it dishearten you, and let this show. Then it’s all over.

What Gets The Girl/Guy

The important thing is to learn how to control your eye contact while talking to a man or woman. It is not important to keep your eyes on the opposite sex’s eyes at all times. In fact, this would be a mistake. We all know how too-intense it is when somebody’s staring directly into your eyes throughout the whole conversation! It will make you feel uncomfortable; instead, what’s important is to use your eyes effectively so as not to sweep off the feet of the other person.

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