Reasons Why She Will Turn Down Your Request

Reasons Why She Will Turn Down Your Request

It can be so disappointing after gathering enough courage to approach a girl and trying to see how you can actually get her to say yes to your request of possibly dating her.

If you’ve mastered what it takes to approach any woman without feeling any kind of fear or intimidation, you may not find it very disappoint, but for guys who are like me in my early days in approaching women, it wasn’t really fun at all.

So, why will you get NO for an answer when you ask a girl out?

Reasons Why She Will Turn Down Your RequestThere are four possible reasons why your request will be turn down if you don’t handle them very well. These reasons are very much important, and you really need to work on them except one of them which is out of your control and if you’re able to learn and master how to do it right, you’ll go far in getting many girls to say YES  to your request.

So, here are the four reasons and I will explain each one of them shortly after the list.

  1. She’s no more available, she has been taken away by other man
  2. You failed to warm her up sufficiently
  3. The way you ask her isn’t interesting enough for her to say yes
  4. She does not like you

You don’t need any explanation for the first reason, and the fourth reason too is clear enough. So, we’ll be talking more on the second and third reasons.

You failed to warm her up sufficiently

If you approach any girl and throw out the important question on her without getting to talk to her for some minutes and making her feel at ease with you, you’ll definitely get a no for an answer.

It is just like foreplay, when a woman is warm up, she can go with you to any length but without the warm up, she’ll possibly decline because she’s not going to really be in the mood.

If you ask her for a date without talking some more exciting things that’ll open her up for the more advance talk like the possibility of dating her. NO is just the answer you’ll get. She does not even need to think twice about it, it just like automatic to women, you know the kneejerk that you don’t even know how it come in an autopilot way. That’s exactly what you’ll get from woman if you don’t warm her up sufficiently.

To warm up a woman, you’ll need to start talking from little things first by way of introduction, let me see your hand, or trying to read the palm of her hand, asking her if she knows anything about the place where you meet her, is she from here, I just can’t allow you go without engaging you in conversation because your appearance warrant it or simply just ask her to tell you a little about herself. [Read; Better ways to text a girl and make her overly want you]

One of my best approaches back in the days and it is still relevant now on how to ask girl’s name without going directly and ask her what is your name is….

…I know your name is Tony, what is my name…..

Did you get that idea? Perhaps you don’t, I’m telling her my name indirectly and referring my name to be her name. This intrigue a lot of girls and when they catch it up, it open them to more conversation.

The way you ask her isn’t interesting enough for her to say yes

The way you ask a girl out is very important just as what you ask. Two important key here is salesmanship and your tone of voice. In sales, you don’t just go telling your customer the product different prices and the manufacturer, you have to tell them about the great benefit first before anything else and this will make them interested in what you’re offering. The same things apply to woman, what will it benefit her if you’re sounding uninteresting and can’t even tune your tone of voice to be more sexy, if you don’t let her see and feel the reason why you’re an important asset, you’ll possibly get NO for an answer.

Confidently say whatever you want to say couple with sexy voice and you’ll command respect from her, it will be difficult for any girl to tell you NO when you make your request. Don’t forget to add fun to it because it is one of the traits that’ll help loosen her and make her see you as an interesting someone that worth her time.

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