Better Ways To Text A Girl And Make Her Overly Want You

Have you ever been trying to figure out how to text a girl you like? or a girl you just got her number and make her want you?  I know every one of us guys love sending ladies text messages because it save us some cash, fast and the messages often times will surely reach her even if she’s not at the exact place where she kept her phone.

Better Ways To Text A Girl And Make Her OverlyAs you know very well that girls response to emotion, what they hear and the way they feel about guys make girls to fall for guys. Unlike guys that just merely sighting the girl just once can make us fall for the girl.

At times, it is much easier to send a girl text and make her fall for you rather than toasting her on date and even impressing her with gift item. As long as you can create your text in a perfect balance to connect her emotion with some simple trick, you can make girls overly want you within shortest time possible inasmuch as your text is well timed.

These 8 better ways to text a girl and make her overly want you will do the magic for you.

1. The right time to text;

I have seen guys doing this in a wrong way, they don’t bother to find out the right time to text a girl and they would rather go for calling her, which often times will bugged her. So, avoid calling her when you know that she’s busy doing something very important. It will be more gratifying to text her during those busy hours, that won’t bug her but, she will be excited reading your text and that will make her smile and still continue with what she’s doing happily. [Must Read; Best Ways to Keep a Conversation Going With Woman]

2. The best time to text a girl is in the night;

Start texting the girl late in the evening and make sure you keep the text conversation going into the night when she slip into her bed. As at that time, her mind will begin to focus on you and there is something so romantic and sexy at that quiet night which is what you really want to achieve. [Also Read; Flirting Questions to Ask Any Girl and Turn Her on]

3. Tip for the first text:

If you want to text a girl for the first time, simplicity is all what you need; don’t even think about it too much looking for some sweet or complimentary words in your text. All you need do is to keep it casual and simple. Something like “Hey! Just thought I’d say hi!” is simple and just one of several ways to initiate a first text with a girl you like.

4. Don’t flirt in your text every time you text her:

Flirting her in your text every now and then even though she knows you already like her will eventually get her bored. Mix your text with everyday activities you know she would be doing and let her see that you’re not just only interested in romantic aspect of her life but also wanting to know more about her life in general.

5. Now flirt when you see the opportunity:

As much as you should not be flirting all the time in your text, you should however flirt when you see the opportunity. This will be interesting especially when you’re texting about everyday activities of her life and she makes a compliment about herself or says something good about herself or even mentioning something she’s best at doing. Cease that chance to pull her leg or tease her in whatever ways you think is interesting to you.

6. Create personal memories with your text:

Constantly look for how to create bond between you and her. Tell her about your favorite anything you want, such as; song, movie or place you like. Anytime she comes across something both of you have talked about, give her a reason to think of you and wanting you. [Read; How To Talk To Girl You Never Met Before And Impress Her]

7. Make use of emoticons in your text:

At the end of your text to her, ensure you leave some few kisses as well as smile for the goodbye. Some girls can pretend not to understand your motif behind the emoticons, all you need to do is to make jokes about it and say it was a goodbye kiss on her cheek and you’ll surprise what her response would be.

8. Get naughty in your text to her:

Try as much as you can to go wild in your naughtiness, except you know what she want to hear from you even at that, you can still go wild but not in any offensive ways. Her respond in term of how she text you back will determine how you want to play it around. You can try something like.

You: “I wish I was with you right now”

Her: “Yeah? Why?”

You: “For a lot of reasons I can’t say right now / You did say you’re in bed, right?”

With these 8 text tips, you can be sure that the girl will find ways to get into you big time. So, use the better ways to text a girl and make her like you and get a better result with your romantic text messages.

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Have you been trying some other texting tricks that have worked for you before now? I will love to hear from you in the comment form down there and don’t forget to hit the Facebook Like below if you enjoy what you read here. I’ll be waiting for your comment. Cheer!

119 thoughts on “Better Ways To Text A Girl And Make Her Overly Want You”

  1. Hi, there is this girl that I like whom i texted that I liked her when I was drunk. She knew I was drunk and when I called later to explain myself to her, she said I should let it go. I was feeling bad so I stopped chatting with her for a while after which I later continued. If it is quite a while we’ve chatted, she texts to ask me how I am. I was wondering what the point is in asking after me is she doesn’t like me. So now am a little cautious of talking sensitive matters with her. So pls how do I go about it cos I still like her a lot even if I don’t show it to her.

  2. I have dated a girl for six years now … and we love and trust each other … she is. bit far from me … we always have date twice a years.. are my in right relationship..

  3. i love dis girl very much and i proposed to her and she said d relationship can’t work out after dat she stop Picking my calls plz wat should i do

  4. I have a girl that I truly love but she’s not reciprocate my love back have try to all I could to confused her but it not working and she’s always jealous whenever she see me with woman and she always call me but she keep on saying she can’t date me please I need your advice is she pretending or what… …?

  5. Hey quick question… Been with my girl living together for almost six years. She has a daughter that I’ve raised that whole time that adores me… Recently she said she isn’t in love with me… I moved out we still stay in contact… Is she done or is there a way to make her fall in love again? It seems like six years is a long time to just give up and throw away

    1. It means all these while, she’s just pretending to love you.
      Maybe her heart is with someone else, especially the guy she bore the baby girl for.

      I think you should just move on.
      Has she contacted you ever since she told you no more love?

  6. Desmond Emmanuel

    have been toasting a girl for the past two month n she still never look to me,she dey form porch,but me love her n want to date her,so what can I do to gain her heart

    1. Be persistent or try another approach or just ignore her and look for other babe who will not give you too much stress.
      Two month is damn too much friend.

  7. Hi sir,I need hint on how to approach that lady.though I just met her but I can feel it deep down in my heart that I really love her,I don’t want her to just think am a player cos she may just say we met recently .so sir I want you to give me clue on how to make her believe that I love her.I await your reply sir

  8. how can i make a girl in my house likes and also falls in love with me. She knows i like and i need something from her

  9. Ever since i met this girl, my heart have keeping beating. she travel the third day we met.
    Please how can i hook up with her sir?

  10. I met a girl and I tell her that I love her, she told me that she will think about it… Later she send her younger brother to me. To give me her number after I asked her about her num and she give me, and she give me time to call which I did unfortunately the immediately I call her in that time she picked my call she just told me that hey u call me I hang it and u still call me don’t you know that I’m in sad mood please what should I do

    1. Text her with romantic apologetic text, even though you’re not aware she’s was in a sad mood. This is just to smoothen things for you when next you call.

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