Why do Hugs feel So Great? 7 Reasons Hugging Regularly Is Good For You

It is undeniable that people hug for different reasons. It could be for the sheer pleasure of it or as a form of greeting. You must have come across people who would hug total strangers as they do loved ones. But how true is the notion that hugging regularly is good for you?

hugging regularly is good for you

That question could be important because some people don’t consider the warm embrace of another human being as something to look forward to.

On the other hand, some couples fight over a hug. The logic being that there is more to hugging than meets the eye. For instance, you must have strong romantic feelings for someone to hug them.

But putting aside the romantic aspect of hugging, there is really more to hugging than meets the eye. Keep on reading to understand why hugging regularly is good for you.

Why hugging regularly is good for you

1. Hugging release a ‘feel good’ hormone in us

hugging regularly is good for you

Oxytocin, also known as the cuddle hormone, is produced when you hug someone.

This chemical produces a warm, tender, soft feelings whenever you embrace someone. It is what gives you pleasure in the whole affair.

Feelings such as trust, devotion and connecting to others are all a by-product of Oxytocin. So if you want to break down barriers and connect with someone, a simple hug would take you a long way.

2. Good for people with high blood pressure

hugging regularly is good for you

Studies have shown that the chemicals released into the body from a good hug do more than just make you feel good. The hormones also play a role in keeping you healthy.

A touch from someone, not to mention a full body hug, triggers a reaction that sends signals to the brain. The signals activate a part of the brain responsible for keeping down your blood pressure.

So if you are prone high blood pressure, hugging regularly is good for you in more ways than you can imagine.

3. Hugging can help you cope with fear of the unknown

hugging regularly is good for you

If you are a fan of scary movies, by now you would be used to little girls hugging their teddy bears or dolls when they are scared. The real reason is that it gives them comfort.

This innate knowledge is collaborated by studies proving that touching or hugging actually serves to eliminate fear in us.

This fear is not restricted to some horror lurking in some dark corners of the home though. Even the fear of death can be eliminated by simply hugging someone.

4. It is good for the heart

hugging regularly is good for you

Because hugging can eliminate fear, lower high blood pressure and relieve stress, it stands to reason that it is also beneficial to the heart.

As a matter of fact, the reassurance of a hug reduces the heartbeat and calms us down. Though in some cases, especially when hugging your crush, the heart would start beating faster.

5. Hug more as you get older

hugging regularly is good for you

Hugging regularly is good for you as you get older or when you become old. Fact is, the elderly need care and attention like babies. Their bodies are fragile and they are prone to loneliness.

Hugging somebody would make them feel closer to that person almost immediately. Of course, the production of Oxytocin and associated hormones lowers that feeling of loneliness.

This is important for the elderly as loneliness can increase stress which can trigger other health problems in them.

6. It is good for kids

hugging regularly is good for you

Several studies have made connections between hugging kids and stress when they get older. In simple terms, the more hugs babies get, the less likely they would become stressed when they become adults.

It all boils down to using hugs as a powerful language. Hugs loudly tell kids they are loved and protected. Their development, therefore, is not hampered by feelings of abandonment or lack not love.

7. Hugging is an effective stress reliever

hugging regularly is good for you

Along with producing a feeling of love, being a good stress reliever is one of the most important reasons hugging regularly is good for you.

When you feel stressed out, the body produces cortisol. This hormone is also known as a stress hormone. Hugging helps to cut down the amount of cortisol in the body.

Anytime you feel tensed or agitated, perhaps instead of downing relaxants, all you need is a good hug.

These are some good reasons why hugging regularly is good for you. Sometimes, you don’t need a scientific study to convince you of something. Since hugging is harmless 99% of the time, why don’t you make it a habit to do it more often? What have you got to lose?

Chances are, you would gain a lot.

So have you ever considered that hugging regularly is good for you? Or do think hugs should be restricted to just family and friends? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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