7 Awesome Things You Can Do With Original Raw Honey Today And Their Recipes

Not many folks know there are several unusual things you can do with original raw honey. Mostly, we all think of it as a natural sweetener for our beverages or a good substitute for sugars.

original raw honey

In herbal medicine, experts have several uses for original honey. Apart from using it to make some remedies sweet, they use it to treat some ailments. It is unlikely you would want to know all those herbal remedies based on the healing properties of honey.

However, knowing them won’t be such bad idea. They might come in handy someday. Besides, preparing some of them isn’t so difficult to master. Hopefully, when you lay your hands on some original raw honey, you’d utilize it fully to get full value for your money.

So what are the unusual things you can do with honey? Read on and you’d see why honey is referred to as the complete food nature has given to us.

Unusual things you can do with original raw honey

1. Face Scrub

original raw honey

The antibacterial, healing and cleansing properties of honey makes it the perfect natural face cleanser. The good thing about honey is that it is kind to all skin types. So it doesn’t strip the skin and cause injuries.

So if you have acne, oily skin, spots, and other skin conditions, switch to using honey daily to wash your face.

To make this facial scrub, a mixture of honey and little water is enough. Rub it all over your face. Then wash with warm water after a few minutes.

Remove all traces of makeup from your face before applying the honey though.

2. Hair cleanser

No matter your hair type, you can keep it silky soft and clean by using original raw honey to wash it. Using honey to wash your hair has the added benefit of being a good moisturizer for your hair and scalp.

Unlike shampoos, you don’t have to bother if there are chemicals present that would harm your scalp. This problem is common with some bad shampoos which fail to balance oil production and regulate pH production in the scalp.

Making the hair cleanser is easy enough. Mix 1 part honey to 3 parts water and heat slightly to dissolve the honey. You can add essential oils like carrot oil if you wish.

Massage the mixture into your already wet hair. Then rinse with water. Using a hair conditioner after this is not necessary.

3. Remedy for sore throat and cough

original raw honey

If you need an emergency treatment for your sore throat, that honey on your shelf can do the trick effectively. The kids would really love it.

Simply mix your original raw honey with fresh lemon juice and some hot water. Into a cup of the raw honey add about quarter cup water and the same amount of lemon juice. Stir it well.

Presto! You have yourself a good remedy for cough and sore throat

4. Make your own lip balm

With the right ingredients, you can make your own awesome lip balm with honey. The lip balm is a mixture of equal quantity of beeswax, honey, olive oil, vitamin E oil,

Stir the mixture gently while heating it slowly; then let it cool before using it as a lip balm.

5. Make healthy sports drink

Instead of spending money on sports drinks, you can make your own with honey. It is recommended before, during and after your daily workouts.

The sports drink is a mixture of water, a pinch of salt, original raw honey, and herbal tea. Simply add about 6 herbal tea bags and a little salt to a large mug of boiled water. Add 2 tablespoons of honey when the water has cooled to room temperature and you are good to go.

6. Remedy for restlessness during sleep

Do you often wake up at night because you can’t sleep? It is likely your adrenaline and cortisol are out of control and are spiking during sleep.

Studies have shown that the best way to combat this is to drop a bit of sugar sprinkled with salt to get you back to sleep. However, for health reasons, honey is a better alternative to sugar.

Before going to bed, simply add a bit of salt to a jar of honey. If you wake up at night feeling out of sorts, just take a spoon of the mixture and wait for the magic to happen.

7. For treating burns


original raw honey

Original raw honey is a good panacea for skin burns according to several studies. Because it can heal and soothe the skin in addition to its antibacterial properties, it effectively prevents infection.

To treat burns with honey, make sure the honey is not the processed type bought in stores. It has to be raw and natural. Simply run cold water over the burn to cleanse it.

Then apply honey over the entire surface of the burn. However, for very serious burns, you must seek medical help immediately.

So these are some unusual ways you can use original raw honey at home. Have you ever tried anyone? Do you have any more DIY honey tips to share with us? Please use the comment section below to let us know your awesome ideas.

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