Uncommon hair tricks you will love

These uncommon hair tricks will appeal to you, I am sure. We all love to wear new hairstyles, dye our hair into new colors, braid different styles, wearing different types of weavon and doing a DIY hair mask on a Sunday night, but when it comes to the actual practice, the more shortcuts we can take with our hair, the better for us.

You don’t have to cut corners. All you need is to learn new simple hair styles that you can incorporate into your personal styles of hair. These hair tricks presented in this article are ideas gotten from different top hair stylists. You don’t have to try all but may be one or two that appeals to you most.

uncommon hair tricks

Uncommon hair tricks: Delicate hair highlights

If you desire a delicate highlight on your hair for the summer but aren’t willing to spend too much to get the desired look. Get one lemon cut it into two and squeeze out all the juice into a bowl, dip a clean tooth brush into the juice, and softly comb it all through your entire hair.

After that, go and sit in the sun for roughly one hour. Remember to wear your sun protection during the process. Try these uncommon hair tricks once every 2 weeks; the lemon juice will naturally make your hair lighter in the sun.

Go off hair stationary

The use of dryer sheets can help you to go off statics. Take one sheet, smooth it over your whole hair starting from the root to the ends. To stay completely away from static, rub the dryer sheets on your brushes and combs before you make use of them on your hair.

Fuller ponytail

You can make your ponytail appear fuller with the use of the hair clip trick. Pull your hair into a ponytail at the rear of the crown of your head and lock it up with a hair tie.

Divide it into two sections, one on the top and the other one on the bottom, and with a small or medium sized hair clip, clip hair at the bottom of the ponytail, below the top section.

Put the top section of hair above the clip and spew a tiny amount of dry shampoo to obtain a fuller texture and conceal the clip.

This uncommon hair tricks will help you remove the build up on your hair

Oil and hair products can clog your hair pores on your scalp and prevent your hair from growing. To clear this out, mix baking soda in water to make a paste, and make use of it to wash your hair.

Rinse the baking soda out with a mixture of apple cider vinegar to get a totally clean hair naturally.

Follow this uncommon hair tricks to take care of your hair undergrowth

Undergrowths and cowlicks are a bit messy and difficulty to style to stay together with the rest of your hair.

To handle this, spray a toothbrush with firm holding hairspray and comb down the undergrowth hairs and cowlicks. This makes it easy to get them to stay together with the rest of your hair.

This uncommon hair tricks will prevent hair breakage

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase will prevent hair breakage and the damage that results when you make use of conventional pillow case while you toss over and over again in the middle of the night.

Cotton materials and other texture of materials when in constant contact with your hair can result to frictional force which causes your hair to break. On the contrary, the silk pillow case uncommon hair trick saves your hair from this friction which may result to hair breakage.

Dry Shampoo uncommon hair tricks

Often times, individuals with dark or cherry hair stay away from the use of dry shampoo due to the fact that dry shampoo leaves whitish residue on the hair. You can DIY dry shampoo for darker hair to enable you minimize amount of times you have to wash your hair.

To make your own dry shampoo with this uncommon hair tricks, mix 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder, 2 tablespoons of corn starch, and a dash of cinnamon. Apply the mixture at your hair roots and massage it with your fingers to make your hair look fresher.

Hair straightening uncommon hair tricks

While straightening your hair, you tend to take a lot of time because the temperature setting you use is too low.

To prevent this whenever you want to straighten your hair, it is better to put the temperature setting to a medium or high setting to prevent a situation of having to go through one hair over and over again which can raze havoc on the hair.

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