Guides on How To Apply Face Mask Correctly

Guides on How To Apply Face Mask Correctly

Who doesn’t dream of a healthy skin? A healthy skin gives you confidence and helps build a positive personality. Face masks play a very important role in maintaining a healthy and glowing skin. Applying face mask at least once a week makes your skin look smooth, clean and radiant. Face masks can be prepared at home or you can apply ready to use masks available in the markets to eliminate excess pores, dirt, moisturize the skin and minimize the occurrence of acnes and blackheads. For the correct results one needs to understand how to apply the mask correctly for best results. Application of face mask

Tips on how to apply face mask correctly

1. If you have long hair, tie them up and see to it that no hair falls on to the face. Tie a headband around the head to prevent hair falling over your face and getting spoilt due to the mask. This will make your face clear of any obstacles while applying face mask.
2. Cleanse your face and neck with a good cleanser before applying any face mask. Wash your face with warm water and allow it to dry completely. Now your face is ready for applying the face mask.
3. Exfoliate your face with a good face scrub or any homemade scrub to get rid of any dead skin cells.
4. After exfoliation steam your face for at least two minutes. The steam should be comfortable enough as too much steam can cause burns or take a towel and dip it in warm water and cover your face with the towel till it cools.
5. If you prefer to use face masks prepared at home, make sure the mix is prepared fresh. Do not use face masks prepared last time and always use fresh ones.
6. In case you are using a ready to use face mask keep your applicator and other tools ready before you start with real application. Keep some cotton pads and a hand towel ready at an easy to reach place.
7. Cut and keep two thin slices of cucumber or potato slices for covering and relaxing your eyes.
8. Keep slices in the refrigerator to keep them cool and fresh for use.
9. The best way to apply the face mask is with your fingers as you can evenly spread the mask with your fingers. Make sure your hands are clean before application. Start from forehead, on to cheeks, nose, chin, and the neck region. Leave the area around the eyes and cover it with cucumber or sliced potato and allow the mask to dry or according to the advice on the product.
10. You can also apply the mask with an applicator or brush if you do not want to spoil your hands.
11. Relax your face and avoid talking or making any facial movements.
12. Once the mask has dried, rinse your face and neck with warm water, cotton pads, or a warm wet towel. Clay masks should be rinsed once it starts hardening, do not allow it to dry completely.
13. Dry your face and apply a moisturizer or hydrating lotion.
Before applying any types of masks check for your skin type and use masks according to your skin tone to prevent skin irritation.

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