Who Else Wants Proven Ways of Touching to Flirt With Women

Who Else Wants Proven Ways of Touching to Flirt With Women

Touching is a great way to build attraction and create a seductive atmosphere. Your goal with touching her is to build attraction by letting her know there is physical commonality you have with her. Touching is also the best way to tell if she likes you back.
How to Flirt

For a playful start, consider thumb-wrestling her (she’ll laugh if you cheat!)

The key is to never direct attention at the touching. It should seem like a natural part of the conversation.
If your moves are jerky and hesitant, then you’ll hurt rather than help your chances of success.
The process should be gradual, without sudden movements or big moves. You want to make it part of your overall game.
In a way, your touching should slowly warm up her emotional oven. Remember that touching is not defined by a single moment – it’s a non-verbal expression of your mutual desire.
Here are 3 great model which breaks down how you should advance the touching with women you’ve met:

No 1: Social Touching

The first step of touching is how you would normally talk to people that you’ve met. In fact, I recommend you do this type of touching with everyone that you meet. The more you do this in a social setting, the more natural it appears.
For instance, some of the social touching you can do includes:
  • Shaking hand
  • Touching the arms to prove a point
  • Using others’ hands to demonstrate a personality test
  • Giving high fives or “the fist tap” to people
  • Brushing arms
  • Standing next to a girl, letting your body contact her


No 2: Accidental Touching

Accidental touching goes beyond social touching. It is not something that would be done with people that you barely know.
When you “accidentally” touch a woman, it should not be obvious. When it happens, she should be left wondering if it was an accident or something that you did on purpose.
In addition, some of these actions will involve a pretense for touching her. While you’re not “making a move” on her, this technique still goes beyond the casual way that you would touch a stranger.
Here are some ways you can “accidentally” touch her:
  • Sit next to each other with your body touching hers.
  • Stand in close proximity to each other with your bodies touching.
  • Brush away something from her face (even if there’s nothing to brush off, pretend that there is!)
  • Touch her sides or stomach when you’re playfully telling a story.
  • Touch some part of her body to discuss an accessory she’s wearing (necklace, earring, bracelet, etc.)
  • Talk with your faces close together if you’re in a loud venue.
  • Lightly touch the small of her back when you’re telling a story.
  • Playfully banter and use physical contact to tease her.

No 3: Obvious Touching

Once you’ve grown comfortable with touching her, you’ll reach a moment when you can progress to obvious, overt signs of your intentions. With these signs, you’re revealing that there is a physical connection, and some signs of sexual attraction.
With that said, obvious touching” should only be established when you’ve passed the qualification stage, and you’re building comfort.
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