Should You Wait Until Marriage Before You Get Naked With A Man?

Should You Wait Until Marriage Before You Get Naked With A Man?

This is a question that people keep asking from time to time, they want to know, what they have read is not to their satisfaction and they still continue in search for the right answer that will sweet their belly.

If you really care to know, then you’re going to get my honest opinion about sex before marriage or not right here in this post. I don’t want to be religious about this issue, I just want to let you know my honest view which I think is the best you can ever ready anywhere else on the internet or on printed books.

Should You Wait Until Marriage Before You Get Naked With A ManYes! Mating or if you like it you may call it sex, is one of the best part in any relationship, whether married or unmarried, it brings couples together, and it also help bind you together in relationship.

Please note that relationship does not end after marriage, if you decided to end yours after your wedding day, you’re going to have problem thereafter. It is a continuous things, so when I mention relationship, it can be for the married or unmarried.

If your desire is not to get naked before any man until you get married, then the conditions below must be met if you’re to be successful with it, else you’ll only be deceiving yourself.

The conditions that answer the question; Should You Wait Until Marriage Before You Get Naked With A Man?

  • You should let the guy know from the onset of your relationship with him, if you have been mating for sometimes and suddenly you realize that it is not good, you want to stop having it and wait until marriage, it is not going to work out for you. He will begin to think of doing away with you as soon as he found another woman that’s ready to go down with him on his bed.
  • If you are not using “I’m going to wait until we get married” as an excuses to cover up your fear about being intimate physically with a guy or your emotional fear.
  • If your guy is on the same page with you and he’s committed to the relationship just as you are and you’re sure of him not secretly calmly the urge outside with other women.
  • If both of you are planning to get married in the shortest time possible and not wait for 2, 3 or 4 years before getting married.

I personally don’t like waiting for that long of a time before getting to bed together. If I want to be here I’ll be here but not here and there, I won’t allow anyone’s opinion about me to affect what I think is good for me.

If not getting naked until marriage before him is your decision and you’ve been able to let him understand this at the beginning of your relationship, he has do away with other girls all because of you to stay really committed to the relationship and be your one and only guy. You should NOT do away with some kind of physical connection, embracing each other, hugging, and kissing, romancing and all other appropriate ways to keep him committed except having canal knowledge of you.

You just need to know if you’re physically compatible with someone before you commit yourself and your life to the relationship. Staying together forever is a very long time; you need to be there for him both in bed and out of bed. [Read; 3 Sure Ways to Know If A Man is Going to Marry You]

I know you don’t want to marry someone and discover thereafter that, he is totally not compatible with you after few months of marriage or that you’ve made a wrong choice for a life partner.

You may live with the scar forever and that is why some physical connection is not just appropriate but it’s require and healthy why you’re still waiting until marriage before getting naked before him.

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