Banned Baby Names Official Released by New Zealand

Banned Baby Names Official Released by New Zealand

The news is here again on baby names, this time around, it’s coming from the country called New Zealand. The New Zealand Department of Internal Affair announced the banning of 77 names for baby. Some parent find it difficult to give their baby’s name while some don’t even bother about that and they give them whatever names come to their mind, just as we reported it sometimes ago about most unusual baby name (hashtag, facebook, Juju, etc), top baby names prediction for 2013 and that of the hottest baby name of 2012.

According to an AFP report, the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs has issued a list of 77 banned baby names. The list reportedly includes the names Anal, 4Real, V8, Queen Victoria, Lucifer, Mafia No Fear, and 2nd.

Banned Baby NamesThe department also bans names such as King, Duke, Princess, and Justice that could convey a title. In particular, the AFP reports that Justice and intentional misspellings such as Justus or Juztice have been rejected several times.

The country also bans names that contain numbers or characters, such as a period. A New Zealand Herald report states that parents attempting to use a backslash between two names have been denied in the past. Parents attempting to name their child using initials have also been turned down by New Zealand officials.

Most surprising names we wonder why parent will name their babies such name include; Mafia no fear, Lucifer, and Anal. What do these parents derive in naming their babies such bad names and they want them to grow and be happy with the name given to them by their parents. No way, thanks to the New Zealand Authority that continuously rejects such ludicrous names.

One child was set to be called ‘.’, as in ‘full stop’ until the authorities prevented it. Other bizarre examples show that some parents appeared to have given up on thinking of a name for their child, with names ‘2nd’, ‘3rd’ or 5th’ all put forward

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