Hottest Baby Names of 2012; Aiden and Sophia Top

It is no news that some baby’s name have keep reoccurring every year while some don’t even surface at all. In 2012, so many other babies’ names come up given the pattern of naming a new direction. It was reported here during the week when a parent gave her baby name hashtag, a name that was inspired by twitter.
Top Ranked Baby's Name
According to BabyCenter, this year 2012 parents come up with different names for their children, topping the list of all baby’s name in the year is Aiden and Sophia.
The leading online pregnancy and parenting resource released its annual list of top 100 baby names and hottest naming trends during the week Although Aiden and Sophia still remain above every other baby’s name but there are some new baby’s name that take a giant ride and moved up speedily. The name that gain significant points in the year are; Grey (which gained 155 spots), Anastasia (up 43 spots), and Elliot (up 14 percent).
The Top 10 girls’ names of 2012
1. Sophia, 2. Emma, 3. Olivia, 4. Isabella, 5. Ava, 6. Lily, 7. Zoe, 8. Chloe, 9. Mia, and 10. Madison
The Top 10 boys’ names of 2012
1. Aiden, 2. Jackson, 3. Ethan, 4. Liam, 5. Mason, 6. Noah, 7.Lucas, 8. Jacob, 9. Jayden, and 10. Jack.
450,000 babies born and registered at BabyCenter’s 2012 are the list used to draw up the popularity in ranking of the baby’s name this year. Many of the names are inspired by what their parent like, value and love. The coming year may add a new dimension to the pattern of naming, this is because in the top baby’s name prediction for 2013, parent are going to be looking at ancient texts and the weather forecast for inspiration on what to call their new arrivals.What do you have to say about these top baby’s name for the year?

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