6 Things Every Dermatologist Wants You to Know Before Treating the Sensitive Eye Area

6 Things Every Dermatologist Wants You to Know Before Treating the Sensitive Eye Area

You may be seeking a product or treatment to address problems that you are having with the skin around your eyes such as dry skin, redness, under eye circles, puffy eyes, under eye fine lines and wrinkles, or it may be something else. But there are a few things that you should know about this area of skin before you treat it and form a plan of action.6 Things Every Dermatologist Wants You to Know Before Treating the Sensitive Eye Area

1. This area of your skin is extremely delicate

You cannot treat the skin around your eyes in the same manner that you treat skin on other parts of your face. The skin around your eyes can be five to ten times thinner than the skin found on other parts of your body. It is the most fragile skin on your face for several reasons. Firstly this portion of skin on your face does not contain as many sebaceous glands that produce oil, and it also has less collagen and elastin fibers that give the skin its elasticity and ability to hold its shape. This skin is also more fragile because it’s constantly being stretched and pulled. On average, we blink 28,800 per day. There are also 22 muscles in constant motion in this one area of your face.

2. How to properly apply product to this area

When applying products to this area of your eye, you should proceed with caution. Rubbing and pulling at the eyes can cause wrinkles, tears, and irritation due to the sensitivity of your skin to this portion of your face.  You should first ensure that your hands are clean and apply products to this area using your fourth finger. This will give you the least amount of pressure while still providing you with ample control. Furthermore, you should never rub a product into this area. Use your finger to pat or gently dab products onto this area of skin.

3. Some causes of under eye circles cannot be controlled

One common concern that many people have regarding this are of their skin is under eye circles. Many people believe that the cause of all under eye circles is the lack of sleep and a high amount of stress. While these could be a cause of under eye circles some people get a safe amount of sleep each night and lead relatively stress-free lives but they still have under eye circles. Why is this? Well, this is because under eye circles are genetic for many people. There is no external cause for them. While there are things that you may be able to do to decrease their size and visibility, you cannot control their existence if they are hereditary.

4. This portion of skin requires maintenance as well

While you should try not to exasperate this area of your skin, you shouldn’t ignore it either. Just like the skin on the rest of your face it must be maintained through a proper skincare routine. You need to make sure that you are gently cleansing the skin around your eyes every day, protect it from the damage of harmful rays emitted by the sun, and continue to keep this area of skin moisturized. An eye cream should also be added to you skincare routine if you want to add preventative care for aging.

5. You could be having an allergic reaction

This portion of your skin could be reacting to allergies. Just like sneezing, itchy throat, and other allergy symptoms your eyes could be irritated due to seasonal allergies. Your eye area may swell, become red, or itchy. This reaction could be the result of common triggers such as pollen, dust mites, certain foods, pet hair, and even grass. If your eyes and the surrounding skin are irritated because of allergies, you can treat them with the use of eye drops or an allergy pill.

6. Problems around this area could be due to other products that you use

The issues that you are having with the skin on this area of your face could be attributed to irritating products that you are using. Though they may not irritate any other part of you face they may irritate this sensitive area. Your makeup, shampoo, detergent, or face cleanser could contain ingredients that are too harsh for the skin around your eyes. Ingredients in these products that may be irritating your eyes could include perfumes, artificial dyes, acids, emollients, sulfates, or sterilizing chemicals. You may be able to avoid irritated skin around your eyes by using products that are formulated for sensitive skin like Eyevage age-defying cream and being more aware of what is in the products that you are using on your face and body.

In Conclusion

By understanding a little bit more about this area of your skin and about the cause of your problems you will understand how you can treat this area of skin more effectively.

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