4 Types Of Girls Who Stay With Jerks Through Thick And Thin

Some people find it easy to spot the sort of girls that stay with jerks. Others though, can’t recognize a jerk even if they are married to one. And to be honest, girls who stay with jerks are all over the place.

girls who stay with jerks

It is common to hear people ask why good girls fall for the bad guys. Or to turn it the other way round, why the jerks among us always get the good girls?

The answer mostly lies in the fact that these dudes promise excitement (even if it isfalse). And by their nature, they tend to be brazen and bold. These are sometimes confused with confidence.

And we all know one of the sure was of getting any girl is to be confident.


However, one important question is, why do some of these girls choose to remain even after discovering the true nature of the boyfriend?

And closely related to that are the types of girls who stay with jerks even after finding out no good would come out of the relationship.

Listed below are five types of girls who, no matter what, think their destiny is tied to a bum. They take the idea of ‘for better or for worse’ to a whole new level.

1. Savior of lost causes

girls who stay with jerks

These girls are like the captains of a sinking ship. No matter what happens to that ship, the captain stays on it.

However, for the captain, that is expected. The girl though has a choice to leave. People would even root for her to abandon the sinking ship called her boyfriend.

But because of her personality, she stays put.

She thinks she can save the dude from himself. She thinks she can make him a better man. And in her DNA, is a defective gene that insists she was made to offer succor for people like that.

But things rarely turn out the way the girl planned. Life is full of stories of bad things happening to ladies like that ultimately.

At best, they would go through life unhappy and unhinged from living with a jerk.

2. Easily-deceived girls

girls who stay with jerks

In this category, you find a lot of wide-eyed innocent girls. They tend to be the nice type; very likable and also very vulnerable.

These are the sorts of girls that grew up in a bubble of innocence. Their parents or guardians were so over-protective they shielded them from the reality of life.

Most of them believe the nonsense about the knight in shining armor who would sweep them off their feet.

When a sweet-tongued, persistent rogue happens to cross their paths, they are easily swept off their feet.

Even when they later find out it was all charade, they believe whatever new lies the jerk dishes out for them. So they stay in the relationship believing their boyfriend is misunderstood by the rest of the world.

3. Girls with low self-esteem

Girls with low self-esteem are the worst. Something must have happened to them while growing up. No matter what it is, it left with them with a defective personality.

Girls with this character trait would hang on to a jerk no matter the abuse or level of bullying they get. They can’t seem to muster the strength to walk away from jerks or any bad situation.

Time and time again, you would come across a girl who is blinded to the obvious truth. Sometimes, they think getting another man is impossible.

These girls need to be saved from themselves. Staying with a jerk is sometimes the least of their problems.

4. Badass girls

girls who stay with jerks

They are easy to spot. They strut around as if they own the ground they walk on. Nothing fazes them. They are whimsical and can improvise easily.

But most of the time, the badass girl simply attracts trouble in spades. And invariably, they end up with jerks.

It could be the attraction between two people with the same character at work here.

She gives the dude as much hell as she gets from him. For her, trouble is like an addiction. A jerk, therefore, is a constant daily fix for her. Any man less than a jerk is boring and she won’t be able to stand that.

So she continues to stay with the jerk because that is what is best for her personality.

So these are four types of girls who stay with jerks like their lives depended on it. Have you ever come across girls like that? How has the experience changed your perception of life, love, and relationships?

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