Do Women Change When In Relationship?

Do Women Change When In Relationship?

You know us men have different mentality from that of women when it’s about committed relationship. Though to some men, committing to a woman is like signing a life time imprisonment. This is because they are restricted in some area of their personal life making it difficult for them to continue their hunting game.

Do Women Change When In RelationshipTo some men too, they feel when woman are comfortable in their relationship, they stop doing all those thing that make them fall for their alluring nature. Some will even stop wearing sexy underwear, start nagging, gain weight, and even turn to their men’s mother.

Could this be true? Though sound ridiculous, but there is an iota of truth in all of these.

First off, I have seen women who are already in a long term relationship still maintain their physique and looking healthier. I have also seen women, who when they are still single have all what it takes to fit in into every man’s dream of a desirable woman. When they eventually get into relationship, laziness set in, they feel relax and hence looked less attractive.

Most of these women were significantly heavier when in a relationship, they don’t smile, laugh as easier as when they were still single.

What went wrong? Or is it a natural process of getting old? Or perhaps it’s the consequence of getting comfortable in a long term committed relationship. Well! I think it’s the failure of these women to continually be making more effort as they were used to when single.

One thing every woman should know regardless of their status; whether you’re in a serious relationship, single or even married. Your body is a temple, and it deserves to be nurtured and cared for. Forget about your age, age has no take in this issue because some older women look much more attractive than even some younger women.

Your body should move easily with grace and elegance, you should feel comfortable in your skin, dance in a joyous ways without caring if anybody is poke nosing into how you’re moving yourself.

Any woman that’s comfortable in her skin, will smile easily, laugh easily and move with grace. Being in a relationship should not stop you from doing what make you look attractive to men.

But what do you see? Most women that change when in a relationship treat their body as a thing that BELONG to them rather than BEING them. if you disconnect from your body and look at something you own, rather than who you are, then you’re going to have a hard time attracting good men.

You see, men can immediately tell whether a woman is comfortable in her body, and a woman who is comfortable in her own skin is a big turn-on. Men know that she’ll be more fun in the bedroom, because she won’t be worried about her “wobbly bits” or being seen naked by him. She won’t be self-conscious about her body, either, which is also wonderfully attractive.

As for the issue of weight gain when in relationship, the truth is that, as you’re getting older, you tend to gain weight; your body metabolism process slow down, you won’t be able to burn down calories as you use to when you’re still much younger and again you tend to eat more when you’re in a relationship. [Also read; Why Women Should Always Keep Fit To Avoid Divorce Or Separation]

I know women want to really look good for a number of reasons, which of course, attracting men is only a small part of it. Women enjoy feeling healthy and looking great, regardless of whether there’s a man in their life or not.

But at times, life gets them down. Women have so many pressures on them that they just want to rest when they get home. They want to put their hair in a ponytail and throw on their sweat pants. They don’t have the time or energy to look 5exy 24 hours a week.

So, it is actually not the relationship per se that makes a woman give up putting as much effort into her appearance. Rather, it’s LIFE. When a woman is busy and stressed, she can’t put her whole heart and mind into looking alluring for her partner, because she’s got other things on her mind. She may need help with everything that needs doing, and when her partner fails to respond, nagging him is a pretty natural reaction.

If you as a woman feel like you’ve become tired, overweight, and completely uninspired when it comes to feeling attractive, then you need to make a serious life assessment to help yourself out here. You need to make time for fun. You need to make time for YOUSELF. You need to give yourself the space and leisure time to remember what it feels like to be beautiful. You don’t have to be skinny and submissive to be a good partner, but you DO have to be healthy and happy. If you feel that your gorgeous radiance has started to go dim, do something about it.

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5 thoughts on “Do Women Change When In Relationship?”

  1. Hey Anthony this is a very nice topic to think about. I think the change is not only with women but men change too!

    As to the changes with women, there are realistic reasons. The weight gain mainly comes in because of a possible pregnancy and other “commitments”. Even unmarried but committed women have pressures in their professional and personal life that makes them put more focus on those things rather than focusing on themselves (and some women even think that if they have a pressing thing in personal or professional life, putting focus on themselves is being selfish – which I strongly oppose :)).

    I’m a very organized person by nature and maintain a clean and neat outlook even at home. But there are certain days of the week where I don’t tie my hair and change my night dress – those days are pretty hectic when I have a really busy schedule. I didn’t have these kinda days in my twenties. Even so, I had a priority to please my man those days. Now its like, whatever I look like, he’s not gonna leave me lol. Yes you can call that laziness 😉

    Enjoyed your post very much 🙂 Thanks for sharin.

    1. Hi Jane, it’s true that both men and women change when in relationship, though people always notice that of women much more than that of men. I agree with you that women gain weight as a result of pregnancy and even that of unmarried career women is another angle to it anyway. But everything boil down to an individual, how they can manage their personal life and still cope with the pressure of being in a committed relationship.
      I really appreciate your comment here Jane, thanks for throwing more light in another area that make women change when in relationship.

  2. Hmmmmmm, thanks you so much for the post. I will definitely show this
    to my fiance for her to learn something from it. Thanks alot!

  3. Thanks in the first place for sending me this wonderful piece of information about relationships. To my understanding, I think women do anything possible to look nice to attract men. But after securing the man of their dream, it’s an achievement and therefore the pressure in struggling reduces a bit because they feel they have what had been a long time target. However it’s important for any woman to recall that a man approaches an attractive woman because he needs someone attractive. This means a man will have no option but to look for another one more charming if the one at home fails to live to expectations.

  4. I disagree and find this article sexist. From far, I seen more women looking much better when in a long term relationship or even with kids than when single, or the same. On the contrary, I noticed men put weight and look more scruffy, or ignorant with their appearance. They put a little effort in the beginning, and after they wear the same clothes, not shave regularly etc. Not a good article. Nowadays most of women spend a lot od money on cosmetics, aesthetics, gym, etc. They do all of thess while men have no courage to even ask for a date. Spare me! I would better remain single than have unnecessary stress based on shallow preconceptions about women’s appearance. A relationship is more than physical attraction.

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