Why Women Should Always Keep Fit To Avoid Divorce Or Separation

Why Women Should Always Keep Fit To Avoid Divorce Or Separation

Keeping fit is everyone’s business whether you’re a man or woman. It is always good for healthy living and it also helps you to live a longer life. So, what is the relationship between keeping fit and marriage or how does it relate to divorce or marriage separation?

The answer to this question is the focus of this article, why women should always keep fit to avoid marriage separation or divorce. Let me first point out something here, men too should always keep fit as well and not put blames on their woman as this article will be discussing the way to avoid divorce related issues that has to do with the size of the woman.

Women Should Always Keep Fit To Avoid Divorce In this present days, men don’t love to carry liability, what did I mean by the term “liability”? Every woman that cannot keep her weight under check becomes a liability to his husband. I don’t care about what you think here, I’m just telling you the truth and hold nothing back as a man.

This again is not 100% real, some men do actually like busting women but how many of them are out there? When a man sees you, he notice your beauty and how fitted you’re in your dresses. Ordinarily, he will want to approach you as part of the normal thing that every man goes through.

One thing stands out when he first notice you, your beauty and fitness level. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an athletic woman before you can be considered fitted by men. What men judge on this matter is how weighty you are, just keep slim and you’ll be seen as fitted by men according to the purpose of this article.

When a woman just got married and even before the marriage, your man will sees you as trim and trending (lepacious or lepa shandy). He can take you to anywhere in the world and be proud of you. He can even carry you in his hand to pose for pix, he’s always happy to see you by his side anywhere any day and any time.

As the year goes by, this same man will feed you with all sort of food to make sure you’re well taken care of and you too will want to eat all that the young man put before you, so that, the evidence of good living will be reflected in your life. You will be taken to various fast foods joint, Mr. Biggs, Tantalizer, Shawama, you will eat lots of pizza, burger, and all that fattening food. In this part of the country here, you will be fed with food like; Cow Leg, Brokoto, Round about, Over head bridge, just name it, if you know what I mean here.

Now you will begin to grow from small size, to medium size, big size, larger size and eventually become extra-large size. Your man no longer sees you as fitted and there is no way he will want to take you out to everywhere he used to take you too, he can’t be proud of you before his friends anymore.

If there is an occasion both of you need to attend together, is either he sent you earlier and meet you latter at the party or he will hurriedly left the house before you and ask you to meet him latter. At this stage, he may begin to look elsewhere for young women that are good enough to replace you in all of these outings.

From there, he will start to cheat on you and if you suspect him, trying to find out why such changes in his attitude, something he is not known for when you’re fit, trim and trendy. The next thing in his agenda is to begin to think of divorce or separation. Why? Because you’re now extra-large and he’s not proud of you anymore as he use to because of that your size.

Men will not remember when they are given you all sort of fattening food to prove that they take good care of you. It is what they use their hand to build and now, they detest it.

So women, don’t just eat what your man make available before you, eat wisely and seek for knowledge of healthy food that will help you retain your shape to some certain age. Don’t follow other because you see them eating some certain food; seek information about the right food and when to eat those food at a certain time of the day. Don’t go after all those carbonated drinks and called it craving, there are not for you. Eat only what will make you look radiant even in the next 30 years.

Surely, your man or husband will not have such excuses about your size to cheat on you and or divorce you. It’s very important you take this seriously. Let your man be proud of you any time, any day before his friends and colleagues, let him be able to lift you up and play with you without the fear of your size.

Ok, now I can listen to your opinion about this, I have told you all I know about divorce related issues with the sizes of woman. Use the comment form or reach me through my Facebook fan page page where thousands of fan do interact with me.

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2 thoughts on “Why Women Should Always Keep Fit To Avoid Divorce Or Separation”

  1. I believe people should lose weight and be healthy for their own reasons not to please anyone else. Being attractive isn’t a guarantee that there won’t be a divorce or separation.

    1. Anthony Adeokun

      Thanks Gipsy however, losing weight has many to do with fitness and beauty, many men will not find you attractive if you’re overweight that’s the fact. I agree with you that attractiveness will not guarantee you from divorce or separation…..BUT, in the context of this article, it will not be the reason why any man will want to dump a women because of her weight.

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