Sugar dating revolutionises International Women’s Day

My Sugar Daddy chooses Women’s Day to launch My Sugar Mommy

  • “Love at first vi$a” (“love at first $ight”) is the claim of the billboard in the heart of Madrid next to the main 8M demonstrations that will tour the capital
  • 35% of young women have considered having a sugar daddy, encouraged by the advantages of their affective maturity, experience and financial security
  • Good news for sugar mommies too! Nearly 40% of young men would be open to having a sugar mommy
  • Thanks to My Sugar Daddy, more than 7 million people around the world have already experienced sugar dating

Madrid, 08 March 2024. Is it the ultimate female empowerment that a `mature´ woman can go out and ‘sponsor’ young boys? What do you think of the fact that until now only men have been able to share their successful and luxurious lives with their sugar babies? Starting today this will finally change! Coinciding with International Women’s Day, My Sugar Daddy ( launches My Sugar Mommy ( with a billboard in the heart of Madrid – on the corner of Calle del Carmen and Preciados – with the claim “Love at first vi$a“. 


Sugar dating revolutionises International Women's Day

The aim: to celebrate `sugar dating´ in a more inclusive and open way than ever. Sugar dating is a new form of relationships in which a successful, mature person shares their luxurious lifestyle with someone generally younger. Today, My Sugar Mommy arrives to showcase and celebrate a different, more modern and liberal way of understanding and living the (new) female empowerment.

Thanks to the launch of My Sugar Daddy in 2010, more than 7 million people around the world have started to enjoy a new way of dating, making the company the leading sugar dating platform in Europe.

“Over a decade ago we revolutionised the world by transforming the classic concept of ‘dating’. People began to discover that living the life they had always dreamed of was more within their reach than ever before and this made My Sugar Daddy the global benchmark in sugar dating,” says Philip Cappelletti, Co-founder and CEO of My Sugar Daddy. “Now we are once again revolutionising the industry with the global launch of My Sugar Mommy, ensuring that everyone, regardless of age, gender or sexual orientation, can also enjoy sugar dating and live the dream life they’ve always wanted.“

On the occasion of this launch, My Sugar Daddy and My Sugar Mommy have conducted a study of more than 650 young people between 18 and 30 years old in which they reveal the main conclusions, preferences and tastes about sugar dating.

‘Sugar dating’ sweetens up

More and more people are opening up to exploring new ways of connecting, beyond the traditionally established ones. Almost 60% of young men have used a dating app or website to meet people, so it is not surprising that they are familiar with the new ways of establishing relationships, along with the associated jargon. 90% of young people already know the terms ‘sugar daddy’ and ‘sugar mommy’, associating their meaning with a person, specifically a ‘mentor’, who showers you with unique experiences (gifts, trips, restaurants, etc.). 

Sugar dating revolutionises International Women's Day

After these findings, it is not surprising that 35% of young women have even considered having a sugar daddy, a figure that rises to almost 40% in the case of young men (to the luck of the ‘mommies’). 

With this data, how can we not open the doors of sugar dating to everyone? With My Sugar Mommy, at last, the ‘mommies’, just like the ‘daddies’, will also be able to share their experience and their exclusive lifestyle with the youngsters.

I like them older…

And as the famous song says, “I like them older”, or so it seems according to the conclusions drawn from the study, as more than 20% of young people have been with someone at least 10 years older. The main reasons for opting for a relationship with a large age difference are emotional maturity (42%), wisdom and experience (24%) and financial security (12%). 

In fact, among a list of different well-known worldwide couples with a significant age difference, both women and men have indicated that Beyonce and Jay Z (12 years apart) are their most iconic couple, followed by Elsa Pataki and Chris Hemsworth (7 years apart) and Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas (25 years apart).

Sugar dating revolutionises International Women's Day

The era of new female empowerment

The survey also brings to light the thousand and one ways of understanding female empowerment. There are as many ways of experiencing and feeling it as there are women in the world.  According to the survey results, women associate female empowerment with “being independent and having the ability to decide what you want”, “being able to choose the person you want to be with, regardless of what others think” and “having the freedom to do what you really want with your life”, all three options score more than 8 out of 10.

About My Sugar Daddy: 

My Sugar Daddy is Europe’s leading online sugar dating platform for men and women who want to enjoy an exclusive lifestyle as a couple. Founded in 2010, the platform has enabled more than 7 million people worldwide to enjoy a new and exciting way of establishing mutually beneficial relationships. Through My Sugar Daddy, members have access to experiences and a lifestyle unlike any other.

About My Sugar Mommy: 

My Sugar Mommy is the online sugar dating platform where sugar mommies and sugar boys can meet and enjoy mutually beneficial relationships and an exclusive lifestyle as a couple. Through My Sugar Mommy, members have access to experiences and a lifestyle unlike any other.

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