Your Weight loss Mantra: Never Give Up, The Scale Is A Liar

Losing weight is not an easy thing to do. It gets very frustrating and discouraging especially when you feel like you are giving 100% and you still don’t see any change in the scale. Remember, the scale is a liar and your weight loss mantra should be never to give up.

weight loss mantra

Though a slogan like ‘Never give up’ is fine as a weight loss mantra, you must find other ways to keep motivating yourself. It would even be nice to have a new weight loss mantra for each month. This would help keep things fresh and exciting

We have stated in some of our other articles that there are a number of things that can affect your weight, so it’s best just to use the scale as a reference. No matter how frustrated you may get with your weight loss, you can’t pack it in and call it quits because that will get you nowhere.

Keep Going no matter what

weight loss mantra

If you really want to lose this weight, you have to keep at it no matter what sort of obstacles or challenges you have to face in the process. We all fall off course in life every now and then, but that’s no reason to beat yourself up to the point of giving up completely.

Live each day saying “Tomorrow is a new day” (this could be a nice weight loss mantra too). It’s true! You only live once, so why not make the changes you need to make to get yourself back on course so you can live out a long and healthy life?

Nothing in life is easy and everything is worth working for. Health is very important and you should treat your body like a temple.

Things to always remember

Fast foods are bad

The fast food industry has been poisoning who we are for years, and the only one that can change that is you. Your body is what gets you through another day and if you let it go, it won’t be much use to you down the road.

Family and friends are your allies

weight loss mantra

If you don’t feel like you can make it through this long journey on your own, you have many options available to you, so there should be no excuse as to why you can’t get started today! The key is to find the people who care about you and your wellbeing.

Get your family and friends to support you and motivate you when you are faced with difficult decisions like a buffet or Christmas dinner. You could even try to get them to workout with you so you can make this journey a fun one!

Enlist the support of Pros

There are many personal trainers and nutritionists as well as many weight loss programs out there that offer weight loss support. A simple online search would point you in the right direction.

Educate yourself with the right information


weight loss mantra

Knowledge is power, so fill your brain with as much information about losing weight as you can. Technology of the internet has made that a great asset. Remember that there are going to be tons of false information out there as well and people trying to scam you for money.

All you need to know is there is no quick fix or diet pill to lose weight. It takes a lot of hard work along with a good diet and exercise program to achieve results.

Power of the internet is great too because there are many weight loss community forums to seek support from others going through what you are.

Naysayers are your enemies

weight loss mantra

Another thing to remember is not to let anyone get your spirits down. There are going to be days when someone says something to you to make you feel bad about yourself. Don’t let them affect you.

Chances are they don’t know the real you or care about you on a deep level, so why let their opinions damper your mood? Even if you have managed to lose a pound, you are still successful, so don’t let people get you down.

There would be bad days, Reward yourself on the good days

When you have one of those days where you eat more than you know you should have, don’t beat yourself up. Start fresh the following day and challenge your body to harder exercise. Be sure to reward yourself for the goals you reach by going out and treating yourself to a movie or a new haircut. Never use food as a reward though!

This is the sum total of how the mind can be used to conquer matter. Believe in yourself and tell yourself every day that you can do it, and you will.

Do you have a personal weight loss mantra? What do you do to stay motivated as you try to lose weight? We would love to hear your thought about these in the comment section below.

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