6 Reasons You Find it Difficult to Lose Weight

One of the reasons people give up on their exercise routine is down to the fact it can be so difficult to lose weight. If I gained a tiny sliver of muscle tissue each time I hear the phrase, ‘Why am I finding it so difficult to lose weight?‘ I’d have been stronger than a young Arnold Schwarzenegger.

difficult to lose weight

The point is simple: losing weight is never easy. And if you find yourself in that frustrating journey where you never seem to make any progress, be consoled by the fact you are not alone. Millions of people around the world are in the same boat with you.

One of the main reasons people find it difficult to lose weight is simply down to lack of patience. They want to be in a hurry to shed the extra fats and get back their pristine physique.

Unfortunately, it never works that way. It took years of bad habits and bad diets to gain those extra fats. Shedding it is not going to be an overnight affair.

Read further to see the other reasons it can be so difficult to lose weight once you’ve gained it.

Hormones imbalance

difficult to lose weight

You could be doing everything right for a long time but still find it difficult to lose weight. One reason could be because of your body’s biochemical processes.

Hormones imbalance can mess up with normal body functions. So while your body is supposed to burn up those extra fats, it is busy with other things.

If you notice you have too many mood swings; or you tend to feel lethargic many times; and feel more hungry than what you think is normal to you, it could be because of either too much or too little of the right hormones in your body.

Your best bet is to see a qualified doctor for a complete check-up or try to alter your lifestyle and diet and see if there is any improvement.

It is all about the DNA

difficult to lose weight

Sometimes, you don’t even have to develop a ton of bad habits to become fat. You end up obese because you inherited the genes from your parents.

The best way to know if you have the gene is to look at your parents and siblings. Chances are, one or all carry an unhealthy amount of extra flesh with them.

In which case, you’d know you need to work extra hard in your exercise regime. And as for foods, you would need to make drastic changes to what and where you eat.

Any half-hearted attempt at weight loss won’t cut it for you if you have the obesity gene.

How often do you detoxify your body?

difficult to lose weight

There are so many ways to detoxify the body. One of the best ways to do it is to simultaneously feed your body with healthy foods or drinks

The parsley/lemon recipe is one of my most favorite drinks. All the benefits of lemon and parsley are at once added to your system. The least you get from that recipe is the detoxification of the system.

Other drinks that help to detoxify the body include green tea, honey added to warm water and even just drinking enough water every day can do the trick.

Stress-filled life

difficult to lose weight

Stress is another factor people ignore as a contributing reason to why they find it difficult to lose weight.

One thing stress is good at doing is dumping cortisol into your system when you are filling out of sorts. Cortisol is a hormone known to increase appetite leading you to want to eat more and more food. Invariably, you add more weight.

Find ways to eliminate stress from your life. If that means pushing some people out of your life, then do it. Many people are just not worth the stress they bring into your life.

Inadequate sleep

difficult to lose weight

A good night’s sleep has several mental and physiological benefits. One of them is in aiding your weight loss program.

It is very important you get at least 6 hours of sleep every day.

You might think it is difficult if you love working late at nights or you love watching movies far into the night. It’s high time you cut out those habits.

Inadequate sleep causes crankiness during the day leading you to want to make wrong decisions like missing out on your exercise or rushing out to buy snacks (or drinks such as beer) in a vain attempt to feel better.

Double down on the usual suspects

difficult to lose weight

A good weight-loss routine involves a lot of things. However, the key ones are

  • Exercises
  • Eating right (eat more of unprocessed food and avoid junk food as much as possible)
  • Having a defined goal in mind

These are the usual suspects of every weight loss program. Not sticking to them faithfully would play a big role in why you find it difficult to lose weight.

So doubling down on them even after you have achieved your target would ensure you never regain the lost weight.

If you have anything to add on the challenges you face while trying to lose those stubborn fats, feel free to do so in the comments section below. Or you can head over to our Facebook or Twitter handles to do that, or simply share this with your friends there.


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