The 3 Cs of Losing Excess Body Fat: Diet Rules That Work

How to eliminate excess body fat fast is not quantum physics by any stretch of the imagination. Several studies had been carried out on how to lose excess body fat fast for decades. The result is a huge body of knowledge on the subject.

lose excess body fat

From the studies, a whole industry has developed around the idea of losing excess body fat and healthy living. Clearly, almost everybody has bought into the idea that excess fats in the body are bad for the health.

Aesthetically too, we don’t look good when we carry unwanted fats around. Fact is, all that wobbly flesh hanging loosely in the wrong places does too much harm to one’s self-esteem.

Though there are several ways of losing excess body fats, there is no quick or easy way to get rid of it. That is why some might see it as more difficult than quantum physics.

One of the best tips anyone who had successfully lost body fats can give is this: proper dieting. With proper dieting, you would’ve done more than half of what is required to slim down.

That is straightforward and easy. But in practice, people find it hard to let go of their old eating habits.

This piece would show how just a slight tweak in your dieting habits can help you lose excess body fat fast.

It is called the 3 C’s of dieting. This is because the rules all start with the letter ‘C’.

So what are these rules? And how do they help you get rid of unwanted fats in your body in a jiffy?

The 3 C’s rules to lose excess body fat fast

1. Calories

lose excess body fat

In terms of dieting, calories refer to energy the body utilizes through eating and drinking; and the energy used through physical activity.

So calories involve two things: the energy input and the energy output. The most successful fat loss programs are based on giving out more calories.

Briefly, that means you must use up more energy than you consume daily.

It is a fact, based on scientific studies, that if you eat only junk foods daily, but ultimately burn up more calories than the junk food supplied to the body, you would lose fats. Or to put it another way, you won’t gain an ounce of weight with such a lifestyle.

Okay, nobody is suggesting you start to binge on junk foods. You do need a balanced diet to be healthy. But the point made is just this: burn more calories daily than you take in.

2. Commitment

lose excess body fat

You have to be committed to a strict diet regiment. In simple term, what that means is you need have a routine and stick to it.

Commitment to a set routine works differently for everybody. This is also related to body weight and the type of job one does daily.

For instance, people whose day job involves a lot of physical exertions would have to consume more calories than people with sedentary jobs.

Therefore, it is common to see some people eat more than 4 times daily and still remain lean. Though sometimes DNA and high a metabolism play a significant role, it is likely down to their lifestyle.

The rule for commitment is also simple. Simply find a diet that works for you. Then stick to it.

However, you must remember that whatever diet you stick to, it must conform to the first ‘C’, calorie.

Your best bet is to choose a plan that is easy to be committed to. Basically, a diet plan that you enjoy and can easily implement every day.

3. Carbohydrates

lose excess body fat

If you want to get really slim and lose excess body fat fast, you need to learn how to regulate your carbohydrates intake.

The trick is not to eliminate carbs from your diet since you need them for energy. The trick is to drastically cut down your daily carbs intake.

Diets very low in carbohydrates would trigger your body’s hormones to burn fats.

Here is the basic explanation: carbohydrates are converted to glycogen in the body and are used to produce energy when needed. When it is in excess, it is converted to fats and stored in various parts of the body.

When glycogen levels are too low (due to low carbs intake) the body has to convert the stored fats back to glycogen to produce energy. This effectively helps reduce body fats.

So, if you can design your diet to take fewer carbs, that would go a long way in reducing unhealthy fats in your body.

However, it must be made clear that this third ‘C’ is not as important as the first two. If you get the first two right, the third C is like a cherry on your cake.

As you can see, eliminating excess body fats in the body is not really difficult. Just these three rules would set you on the right track and to even make the journey to shed excessive fat a smooth one, just combine Orlistat with diet and exercise.

And if you are up to it, you can add various types of exercises to these rules. That would really accelerate your fat and weight loss program.

Feel free to give us your feedback on what you think? For instance, do you think losing excess body fat is difficult?

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