Wedding planning tips: Important Tips on planning for your wedding

A good number of couples discover that the first time they are planning a big event is during their wedding. Apart from worrying about the huge budget involved in wedding, couples are frequently faced with the trouble of what to include in their wedding plans. This article thus, provides you with wedding planning tips to ensure that you get things right. You can also hire Bangkok based event organizer company to help you save money while planning your event.

Your next Wedding planning top tips: Decide the type of wedding you want

The first thing you need to do when planning a wedding is to arrive at the type of wedding you want to have. Do you want your wedding to take place in the church, court, in a park or in a hall setting? These should be considered as one of your wedding planning tips.

wedding planning tips

Do you and your partner desire a picnic in the park, a friendly urban party, or a gigantic party with all your friends and family? There are a lot of varying types of weddings available. Each of them is meant to create a specific form of impression, and to act as a great source of inspiration.

Although trying to figure out all you want in the very beginning can prove to be a bit overwhelming. For a start, you need to only take into consideration the basic things you want for your wedding like the general feel you want for your wedding.

Consider your wedding theme and wedding style

Consider the look, the style, the people, and the emotions and things that would make your wedding day unique and special for the both of you.

Also, consider if you want a low key and relaxed wedding or a bit more formal wedding. Consider also if you’d prefer a much stuffier feeling wedding. Then you may want to be more specific in your thinking like:

I’d love Low-key ceremony, with a relaxed upbeat dance party, and a casual family-style dinner that looks somehow fanciful. Remember to choose your wedding theme and preferred color.

Decide on your wedding budget

Once you are already aware of the wedding you want to have, the next wedding planning top tips to consider is to decide on how much you want to spend for your wedding. This would serve as a budget guide for everything you want to include among your wedding planning tips.

While deciding on your wedding budget, you must consider the amount of money you are comfortable spending bearing in mind your available finances and or any other help available to you from your family or friends.

You also need to consider your long time goal when you are deciding on your budget.

If the cost of your chosen wedding type and style is much more than what you’d be comfortable spending, you’d need to make a little adjustment either about your choice of the type of wedding or the amount you want to spend.

Whatever you decide to do, you must bear in mind that wedding is just the beginning of your family life together and not the end of it. You don’t want to spend all the money you have on your wedding only to go hungry afterwards. This has ruined many otherwise potential happy homes. So, ensure that whatever you are spending would not cripple you financially and result to early marital problem. You are not marrying to separate for money do you?

It is true that you may not know that actual cost of all you need to do before you actually get into them, planning your budget ahead of time serves as a guide and prevents you from deviating to a wrong direction.

Your next wedding planning tips: Remember to prioritize

The feel you are looking for in your wedding may slightly vary with that of your husband. To incorporate these feels, choose the top three priorities for each of you and incorporate those into your wedding planning tips.

These could vary broadly from a rocking music, an open bar, a preferred photographer, a four-tier cake, late night tacos, a live string quartet, a lot of flowers, or any other wedding day feature you’d love to incorporate.

The aim of these priorities is to help you allot money suitably and make it less stressful to decide on what you want to spend on your wedding day ceremony. You may wish to allocate much more money to the things that are of more importance to you than in others.

Remember to keep it flexible

Your wedding planning tips don’t have to be as rigid as brick and mortar concrete walls. You must give room for little adjustments here and there.

If your initial plans and your budgets don’t match after conducting a few researches, there is no harm in adjusting and re-evaluating your options.

Consider the following wedding ideas: Do you have enough to spend much more than you earlier budgeted? Are you happy to spend the additional money? Do you want a change of choice of venue or the type of wedding you want to?  Are you happy to make a little adjustment to the overall appearance of your wedding to make it fit into your budget?

Are you happy to try a few DIY options to reduce cost or remove some of the things in your list? Although there are ways to cut down on the cost to suit your wedding budget, your wedding planning top tips involve finding ways to level out your wedding plan if their potential cost is much more than what you have in your budget.

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