Plan Your Wedding According To Your Budget: Wedding Planning Tips

Being married and raising a family with the one you love is something that most men and women look forward to, except those who have vowed celibacy in the house and presence of God.

As a bride or groom to be, I will give you some useful tips on how you can successfully plan your wedding  according to your budget and still have all the glamour you want.

Of course you have a church and so you must have told your pastor and the church about the wedding before making other plans.

plan your wedding according to your budget

Let’s go over some of these tips now:

1. Choosing wedding Date and Time:

The first and major step in planning your wedding is to pick a date. I noticed something some time back about dates and time. I noticed that when working on a plan, if there is no date or time limit, procrastination becomes the order of the day.

You might even end up pushing your wedding preparations into the next and next and next years to come, why? Because there is no time limit and so there is no dedication or commitment to executing that plan.

But if you really plan to do something and you fix a date for it, you find yourself working towards the date and time you fixed, even your family and friends will join you in working towards the fixed date.

2. Budgeting your wedding:

When planning your wedding, budgeting is the second thing that should be done. Without budgeting, you will be like a ship captain that has no map and therefore, no direction to where he is going.

With a planned budget in mind, you will know exactly how much you need to spend and then you will be able to work towards saving the amount of money you need.

Even family and friends will assist in whatever way they can to make sure that you have the required amount you have budgeted for. The essence of budgeting is to try not to over spend. If you do that then how will you two start your life together with an empty account.

3. Renting a reception venue

It is always convenient to get a venue that is not too far from the church hall. You have to also think about the easy mobility of some of the attendees that have no car to drive around.

But if while you discover while you plan your wedding according to your budget that your budget will not be enough for that and you have a free open space in your compound or that of a friend or family, you can easily arrange the place to taste and save some cost from hall renting.

4. Printing of invitation cards

You most definitely cannot print an invitation cards  without first knowing the date you want the wedding to hold and the venue it will be holding.

So after the above has been settled, you can then print the wedding invitation cards with the accurate information and send out.

5. Hiring a decoration expert as you plan your wedding according to your budget

Your decorations matter a lot. Don’t forget to get someone who will give you quality at a very affordable price when panning your wedding.

Don’t forget that the hall will be decorated with whatever colors you and your partner choose, so make sure you let the decorator know what your colors are.

6. Printing of wedding program

Since you already have an idea on the number of attendees, you can then print programs that will be enough to go round everyone, not more, not less.

Before printing, don’t forget to write your vows because you will need to print it inside the program too, depending on what you want and how you want to plan your wedding.

A word of caution and advice for you! If you think your budget will not carry the number of guests you are expecting, please, remember to plan your wedding according to your budget and cut down on your guest list.

Nobody will kill you for doing that.

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