Top Wedding Planning Tips: Ensure Little Basics Are Not Forgotten

Since ancient times, a wedding or marriage ceremony has always been an event that takes so much time and money to plan for. As the years and centuries rolled by, it became more sophisticated, more expensive and more complicated to plan because one has to keep up with the trends. This is why we have made available these top wedding planning tips to make it easier for your and other prospective couples.

Top Wedding Planning Tips
Top Wedding Planning Tips

Buying your wedding attire and wedding Ring:

When buying your wedding  ring and wedding attire, be it the wedding gown and suit or the traditional attire, do not forget that you are working within the limits of your budget.

I am sometimes surprised to see people traveling all the way to another country just because they want to shop for a wedding gown. I say wedding gown because this mostly applies to the female folks. There are wedding gown makers in the country who will give you quality at a very affordable price.

When I first saw my cousin’s wedding gown, I was so much in love with it. I asked her where she bought it from. I was expecting to hear “I bought it from London, or Paris, or Dubai, but I was so surprised that it was her tailor that designed and made it for her.

Truth is, your wedding gown is going to be worn by you just once and even if you later lend it out to a sibling, they are also going to wear it just once, so, why spend half of your entire budget on it?

Choose your bridesmaid and groomsmen

Make sure they know how much their wears will cost and see to it that they start making adequate preparations to get it made or adjusted, just in case it’s not their size. Also, do not forget your little bride and groom.

Get a good makeup artist and hair dresser

This mainly applies to the bride. The groom only needs a nice haircut and a clean shave.

Top wedding panning tips for cars’ arrangements

Make arrangements for cars and confirm the cars / Drivers that will take you and your train to the church, the reception and back home.

Do not joke with this particular arrangement because if you do, you might end up stranded while making last minute preparations for a vehicle.

Do not forget that the car for the bride and groom will also be decorated, so, the earlier you plan things, the better for you. Another top wedding planning tips for you there!

Get a photographer

Get a wedding photographer / video camera man for your video and wedding photo album.

Get a performing artiste top wedding planning tips

Get a performing artiste (Music band) that will entertain your guests:

Hire an MC, waiters and waitresses

Hire an MC, waiters and waitresses, and those who will serve the food.

Organize guest transportation

Transportation of guests, especially for those who are coming a long way to grace your occasion,

A place for guests to stay

This can either be at a friend or family’s place or you can rent rooms in a cheap hotel or guest house for them.

After all said and done, you should try to save on your wedding budget so that you can have something extra for miscellaneous spending. You can do this by cutting down on the excesses.

You certainly don’t have to provide every kind of food at your occasion, you can simply have maybe fried or jollof rice with chicken or beef and salad and then your native food for those who will prefer it.

Good luck to you, I wish you the best as you prepare to tie the knot and implement these top wedding planning tips.

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