Become A Modern Day Seduction Connoisseur: 12 Ways To Turn On A Girl Easily And Have Her Melt In Your Arms

Sometimes, when you sit back to think about it, it seems all men dedicate a large chunk of their time trying to find unique, effective ways to turn on a girl. The idea of seducing any girl never gets boring even if she is your lifelong partner. For a crush or a girl you just met, the level of excitement increases geometrically.

turn on a girl

There are simply no fast rules to turn on a girl easily. You could get lucky and just a wink can get you home and dry. While in some situations, you have to work extra hard to get her to even smile at you.

Generally, seduction is an art. But it is not that complicated. The basic ingredient is patient and a determination to stay on course until you succeed.

So if you want to seduce your crush or a girl you just met, here are some tips. Master them to become a modern connoisseur in all matters of seduction.

Ways to turn on a girl easily

1. Make her feel pretty

turn on a girl

Ladies love feeling unique and special. That is why they go to great lengths to make themselves look good with good clothes and the right makeup. Make her feel good by telling her she is beautiful or pretty.

The sweet smile you’d get in return is a good sign you are on the right track.

2. Chat on about the things she likes

Women love talking. But they would certainly be bored if all you talk about is your favorite football team or how your car is acting up recently.

Find out what she likes. Then focus your conversations on those interests. If you don’t know what she likes, gently prod her with questions until you find out.

3. Then listen and be attentive


She would love it if you remembered something innocuous she told you a few days ago. This makes her feel special. It shows you are really paying attention to her and focusing less on how she looks physically.

Since action speaks louder than words, you can surprise her with something she likes based on what she told you.

4. Invite her to work out with you

turn on a girl

Working out with a girl is one of the most intense non-sexual ways of seduction. Working out together is a cool way to turn on a girl because:

She gets a good look at your physique (of course, you’d avoid this if you don’t have a good physique)

Workouts produce endorphins which makes her feel good. She would associate this feeling with you naturally.

She’d love it that you care about her health and yours too. It shows you don’t play around with your health and want her to do the same.

5. Touch her innocently

Little nondescript actions play a big role in the art of seduction.

Touching her innocently is a big hit with the ladies. One way to do that is to lightly brush her hair as if you are putting an errant strand of hair in place.

Another way of subtly doing these is to pretend you are removing something from her hair.

Touching her innocently can also be made to look as if it is unavoidable. Like maybe helping her climb some steep slope, or guiding her into a car. Seize these opportunities to touch her on her arm, waist, shoulders, and back.

6. Make her laugh

If you can make her laugh, you are already halfway there.

Ladies love men who can let their hair down and get them to have fun with jokes. That shows you have a good sense of humor. It implies you are confident enough to be silly around her.

7. Pay attention to yourself

turn on a girl

Nobody is saying you have to be a narcissist by paying attention to yourself. Narcissism is rather extreme and is mostly a psychological problem.

However, if you look sharp, dapper and smell good all the time, the lady after your heart would certainly take notice. Looking good gives you a freshness that any girl won’t mind getting close to.

8. Whisper to her

If you want to take your seduction skills to another level, whispering in her ears is one of the most effective ways to turn on a girl easily.

Getting so close, with your lips in close proximity to an erogenous part of her body would surely send her pulse racing.

Naturally, you have to smell good to come close to her (see 7 above); or else she would be repulsed by the closeness to her.

9. How to use the eyes

Many seduction connoisseurs consider this method as one of the most effective. All you have to do is look at her for a few seconds. Three seconds at the most. Then blatantly look at her lips for the same length of time.

You can start by looking at her right eye first. Then the left eye next before moving onto her lips. Repeat this a couple of times. It would make her feel you desire more than just a kiss from her.

10. Give her a massage

A good massage after a rough day would send shivers of pleasure coursing through her. Massage her back, feet or just her arms; it would put her in a relaxed mood.

Most importantly, she would think of your hands on other parts of her too. That should get her warm in no time at all.

11. Move in

turn on a girl

If you’ve got this far with her, then it is time to finish it off. In no particular order, the following steps should help you wrap the deal

  • Give her a slow sensuous hug
  • Make her thighs feel your bulge
  • Kiss her in sensitive areas like her neck, throat, ears and Shoulders
  • Tell her how much you love her
  • Slowly remove her clothes

The prerequisite to turn a girl on is to be confident enough to initiate the process. It is best not to lie about your intentions to her by making promises you can’t keep though.

So what do you think? Do you think these tips would work all the time? Tell us your best tips about how to seduce or turn on any girl. And remember to share this with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.


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