Gift Ideas for Women: 6 Awesome Tips To Surprise Your Lady

If you are a regular dude, you’d most likely be left scratching your head if someone asked you about the perfect gift ideas for women. It is a fact of life that most guys have absolutely no idea what they should buy for their partners as gifts.

Gift Ideas for Women

Give a guy money to get a gift for his lady; nine times out of ten, dude would come bearing very functional gifts like dishwater, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, etc. The stuff they know women would really use around the home.

However, those are horrendous gifts according to the experts. Gifts like that represent work that needs to be done. Basically, the perfect gift ideas for women are things termed luxuries.

They are not necessary but, at the same time, would make them really happy.

Here is the thing, these gifts don’t have to be expensive. If you know what you are doing, you can thrill your woman with a perfect gift without feeling clueless.

To be fair, there are guys who know how to navigate around the issue of getting just the right gift for ladies. But you won’t find many of them.

So let’s take a look at some awesome gift ideas for women. And the good part is they don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to get.

Top gift ideas for women

1. Fashion items

If your lady loves fashion, getting her clothes and accessories as gifts should not be too hard. There are many fashion stores with a large collection of items that should make perfect gifts.

However, to get her to squeal in pleasure, you can go a step further by giving her a shopping coupon or gift card to a store. That way, she gets to do what women love: shopping. And while at it, she gets to buy what she really needs as a gift from you.

That is a smart move as it saves you the trouble of wondering if she would like what you bought.

2. Jewelry

Gift Ideas for Women

Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend knew what they were talking about. Women can’t do without jewelries as fashion accessories. The more the better.

There are several beautiful gold pieces you can choose from in stores. Diamond-encrusted pieces of jewelry would be heavenly if your budget can handle it.

You can even make the pieces personalized by engraving her name on a bracelet or something cute like the special name you call her, with the words, ‘Love you always.’

The cherry on the cake is a complete set of jewelry that comes with earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. Remember, more is better.

3. Beauty gift ideas

Beautiful women love to remain beautiful all the time. Getting a safe teen makeup kit for a girl would be wonderful. In addition to that, you can add a makeup pouch she can carry along to touch up her makeup anywhere..

The pouch should contain items such as mascara, compact powder, lip balm and lipstick of various colors. Again, you can have the pouch personalize to make it unique.

Next, buy some body lotions to absolutely kill it. Don’t get them from just any store though. Go to shops specializing in nice body lotions. And make sure the lotions, which must include the best moisturizers come in pretty bottles or containers.

4. A day at the spa and beauty salon

Gift Ideas for Women

If you want to completely pamper your woman, you can’t do better than getting her a booking at a local spa.

Make sure the beauty parlor has everything including manicures, pedicures, full body massages and relaxing bubble baths. She would be eternally grateful for allowing her body to be so pampered as a gift to her.

5. Gadget ideas

So far, our gift ideas for women have been on beauty and related stuff. What if your woman is a gadget freak? What gift can you get for her?

If you are going to settle for a smartphone, it has to be better than what she has. And that might be rather expensive.

So instead of getting a new phone, you can settle for accessories that would enhance her phone. Or you can even get her a very nice mp3 player, digital camera or a VR headset. You can easily get beautiful quality products that won’t put a big hole in your savings.

6. Gift ideas for a book lover

If your lady loves reading, it is no-brainer that a good book would thrill her immensely. Here is the catch though, you might end up buying a book she’d already read.

And since we are talking gifts, the book has to look and feel like something special. So it could get really tricky.

Your best bet is to get her a special collection of books by her favorite author. It would be awesome if the author has written several books. Put them all in a beautifully engraved box and wow your lady with it.

So there are lots of gift fantastic gift ideas for women out there. Surprise your woman and show her you are connected to her at a much deeper level than she imagined. A well-timed, beautifully packaged gift would prove that point.

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