Desiring Fuller and longer eyelashes? Learn How with our 10 top tips!

Makeup is in fact as important as the clothes and shoes you wear and even occasionally much more important. Why? Your face is the center of attention when you meet with people and thus, people would first of all notice your makeup when they greet you. This is why you must be conscious of the makeup you wear. For your beauty and look as a woman, it is always absolutely essential to wear long and fuller eyelashes.

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Why you need longer and fuller eyelashes and how

Your eyes look cleverer, more alert and brightly colored with fuller and longer eyelashes. Additionally, long eyelashes make you the centerpiece of admiration by many people. There are a lot of ways to achieve fuller eyelashes. You can actually make your eye lashes fuller and longer by trying hair growth serum on your eyelashes. You can as well make your eyelashes appear fuller through the way you apply your makeup. You might also want to explore natural lash options for a subtle enhancement that complements your look effortlessly. Alternatively, you could go for synthetic eye lashes. For longer and fuller eyes lashes, we have provided a few tips you need to follow below:

1. Use of Mascaras

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Mascaras are of different makes, brands and quality, so don’t be afraid to try on different mascaras to discover a unique match for you. You may be able to discover one or two special mascaras that would make your eyelashes appear fuller or lengthier. If you are unable to find mascara that gives you both results, you may need to wear double mascaras. Apply a number of coats of your preferred mascara for augmentation and additional more coats from your desired mascara for a fuller look.

2. Do not be in a rush

Take your time especially in the morning and go slowly when you apply your mascara. Hastily moving the wand over your lashes would produce a muddled up or clustered appearance. However, applying slowly and ensuring that you’ve got all your lashes coated with none clogged together makes your eyelashes appear glaringly softer and neater.

 3. Manner of application

You don’t need extraordinary products to make your lashes appear longer and fuller. Altering your manner of application by waggling the wand for instance can absolutely do the trick.

 4. Waggling the wand

To waggle the wand for fuller, lengthier and more coiled lashes, you need to start off from the base of the lashes, then curling the wand out to the edges, rather than by making one hasty frontward movement.

This is how you can get that achieved:

  • First of all coil your lashes before applying makeup
  • Hold the brush perpendicularly while applying makeup to your lower lashes
  • Grip the brush in a horizontal direction while applying mascara to your top lashes.
  • Clutch the wand in a perpendicular direction to trap the dumpy lashes you could not trap earlier. That is all. It is very simple and you don’t need another expert training to achieve this.

5. Moderation is the key

Be cautious of this, though: A good number of times, particularly during the first couple of uses of a new mascara, the wand traps excessive mascara. To avoid this, always clean the wand to remove all or majority of the excess mascara. Amazingly, you only need little mascara on the wand for fuller eyelashes.

6. Use of Eyelash comb

Another way you can attain a fuller and longer eyelashes is through the use of eyelash comb. You may use the comb once, twice or more during your makeup routine depending on your choice. Comb your lashes before coiling them with eyelash curler to prevent them from sticking together.

You can also use your eyelash comb after the application of mascara to remove clumps.

7. Use of eyelash curler

The eyelash curler helps your eyelashes to appear longer, fuller, more alert and makes your eyes look bigger. You’d curl your eyelashes before and never after the application of mascara. Curling after the application of mascara can lead to accidental loss of mascara.

8. Tightening with waterproof or pencil eye liner

This can be achieved by applying the eye liner to your top waterline. The aim is to create an impression of a fuller lash line. Ensure you use eye liner that is of the same color as your mascara.

9. Use of eye liner on your lash line

The use of eye liner on your lash line also helps you achieve fuller and longer eyelashes. You can decide to use a small smudge of eyeliner or wear a more remarkable winged appearance. This will help you to close any thin gaps between the lashes.

10. The natural and lasting way

The unsurpassed and lasing way to achieve fuller and longer eyelashes is to essentially grow them to be longer and fuller. Many people had had lucks using homemade hair growth serums for eyelashes. You could also give it a try. You could also get your picks from a number of healthy lash oils out there. Who knows, you may end up with natural longer and fuller lashes and would no longer need synthetic lashes or use makeup for make believe fuller and longer eye lashes.

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