6 Makeup Tips To Follow For The Hot Weather

6 Makeup Tips To Follow For The Hot Weather

Makeup is an essential aspect of the lives of many females with some admitting that they cannot go a day without applying it to their face. Some even go as far as applying it to cover blemishes on their neck, chest, bum, and legs.

Makeup has aesthetic functions and when done right can aid in the complete transformation of a female from looking like a drag queen to a beauty queen.

6 Makeup Tips To Follow For The Hot WeatherFull face makeup, however, looks better when the weather is cold but can turn out horrible when the weather is hot and unconducive because it can lead to sweating and in case you do not know, sweating and makeup do not go hand in hand.

Therefore, in order to avoid these makeup mishaps, I have prepared 6 tips to aid you through this weather:

  1. Less is more

In the hot weather, you opt for light, loose-fitting clothes with natural fabrics. This same principle should be applied to your makeup choice in this season. I personally haven’t applied makeup to my face for over a month and haven’t felt more confident in my appearance. If you can’t follow the same route with me and must have makeup on, then use only the essentials, mascara, lipstick and powder. This will also help your skin breathe and give you a more natural look.

  1. Ice cubes

Consider using ice cubes on your face before starting your makeup routine. This will act as a coolant.

  1. Make use of primer

Before you begin applying your makeup and after you have applied your moisturizer, make sure you use a primer on your face. Primers are very light and act as a smooth base for makeup thereby making it last longer and stay in place.

  1. Invest in waterproof makeup

Waterproof makeup in the form of mascara and eyeliners should be used in this weather because of their ability to remain in place when met with liquid, e.g. water, sweat. This is especially important because you will at some point or the other sweat, or want to wash your face because of the weather.

  1. Avoid oil based makeup

This point basically speaks for itself. You should try as much as possible to avoid using makeup that is oil based in order not to have runny makeup when you are met with heat. Furthermore, make use of a spot concealer instead of foundation if you are trying to cover up a blemish.

  1. Be careful with cream based and powder based make up

Some experts advocate the use of cream based makeup over powder based makeup during this weather while others swear by powder based makeup being the best option to go with. I will, however, advise that you make use of both sparingly by using the cream based makeup before smoothing it over with powder. Ensure that you use both lightly only when necessary and in the needed area. This will prevent you from having a caked up look.

  1. Avoid using dark coloured lipstick

Dark lipstick has the tendency to make you look like you are doing too much when the weather is too hot. Instead of going bold, dark and gothic, go instead for lip balms or light coloured lippies. This will help you achieve that natural look.

Finally, ensure you purchase products that have SPF in them. SPF will help to protect you from the sunrays especially if you will be going out in the day.

I know I said I will be giving 6 tips at the beginning of this article but I couldn’t help myself from adding more to it. What other makeup tips do you know? I will be delighted to learn from you.

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