How To Choose a Matching Bridal Jewelry: Top Tips For Every Bride!

For every bride-to-be, a strong desire for a gorgeous and twinkling wedding gown plus accessories for the wedding day is almost inevitable. As you plan for your big day, choosing right and matching accessories is one of the key things you want to achieve.

Although, the bridal gown is the major center piece of attraction, getting just the right and perfect bridal jewelry and accessory for your gown perfects your overall look.  No matter what you do, you must have the golden rule of wedding accessory at the back of your mind:

Do everything with moderation. There may be temptations to load lots of accessories but you must try to be in charge.  It is best to keep the design minimal. Jewellery and gemstones like jade are a great choice since it is suitable to be worn with bridal outfits. And remember, the hub of attraction should be you and not your precious metals, so endeavor to act accordingly.


The following tips will help you to choose a perfect and unique bridal jewelry piece:

When to start looking

You should start your search once you’ve made a choice of wedding gown. Have the picture of your wedding gown handy when you are out to shop for your bridal accessories. It would be best to buy designer jewellery online as it will not only make your search easier but provide you with a huge collection to make a choice.

Match Your Wedding accessories with your bridal robe to complement your bridal beauty

A little knowledge of the type of jewelry that matches specific wedding gowns’ color shade will help you to make the right choice. To help you make the right choice consider the following tips:

White-colored Wedding Dress

The best accessories for white wedding gowns are Pearl and platinum. Golden colored jewelry would conflict with intense white color shade of the garment.

Diamond-white-colored Wedding Dress

This color shade goes well with gold and silver, rose-gold, and pearl accessories.

Ivory-colored Wedding Gown

For this soft and light white or candle-light colored wedding gown, gold accessories are the best. They emphasize the creamy color shade of the gown.

Get expert’s advice

Seeking the advice of experts is invaluable at this time. You can talk to your dress seller, wedding bracelets specialists or search for information from wedding magazines or online for advice.

Get Your Hair accessories

Make choice of hair accessories before any other accessories.  Decide on the type of hair you want to wear; natural hair, braided hair or hair extensions. Discuss with your hairdresser about different options you have.  For a perfect look, it may help to show your hairdresser or jewelry designer extracted pictures from magazines.

Consider your budget

What you do all boils down to your budget. If you don’t have enough to buy complete jewelry piece, you may want to consider one special piece of valuable jewelry and accentuate with other accessories.  In this way you’d get an elegant and very romantic piece of memento for future reference.

Give yourself enough time

Do not wait till the last minute to choose your jewelry. Ensure you get a perfect match for your wedding dress; veil and gown by give yourself enough time when choosing your bridal jewelry.

Choosing between Pearls, diamante or Crystals

ear ring

The most desired bridal jewelries are pearls. This is because they are forever stylish, graceful and always given special accolade.  A combination of pearls, diamantes and crystals can also be made to make you look more sparkling and glamorous. If you decide to use a pendant or a choker, bear in mind that it would require decolletage decoration. A slender chain with a simple pendant is a stylish way to accessorize, whereas single or double strands of pearls radiate a distinctive charm.

Consider your personality

The first and most significant thing to consider when choosing your Bridal Jewelry is your personality. You must be comfortable to wear what you have chosen.  Don’t go for bulky chandelier earrings, for example, if you won’t be comfortable in them. When you choose and wear wedding accessories that you take delight in, your day is bound to look and feel amazingly beautiful. You also need to consider your bridesmaids’ jewelry pieces.  The jewelry you give them can serve as an appreciation token and add additional flavor to your D-days’ souvenir.

Consider your décolletage

Blending your bridal jewelry with the suitable embellishment can boost up the look and elegance of your wedding gown, or emphasize a unique element.

Wedding preparation moment is a lot of fun although a bit stressful. While you enjoy the fun of it, remember that bridal jewelry and accessories is one of the best parts of it. So, do not hesitate to get help from relations, friends and experts. Finally, make sure that your choice is the best you can ever get!


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