Wedding Shoes Selection just for you: Make your Pick

Wedding shoes selection is one aspect that is very important in order for your look to be complete. In as much as shopping for the right wedding gown takes time and caution, shopping for your wedding shoe is equally paramount and requires as much time to get the perfect style and fit. Before embarking on that shopping, first know exactly what you want or at least have an idea. Know what colour and heel size you want. Once you know this, all that is left is choosing the style you want.

Why do you think ladies love wearing heels and why do you think some ladies prefer to go for flats or wedges? Its simply because of how comfortable they feel in it. It is true that wearing heels gives a certain gait to ones’look but if you are not used to wearing one, you will definitely wobble in it. So, when choosing a shoe style keep this in mind.

In this article, you’ll be able to view some selections of wedding shoes which you might just like.

There are three categories of wedding shoes that you will see in this article and they are:

  • Wedding shoes on heels
  • Flat wedding shoes
  • Wedges

Some wedding shoes selection that are in heels are:

Classic white pumps:

Wedding Shoes Selection just for you Make your Pick

For those who love wearing heels, this white pumps would look good on you. It is well detailed, unconventional and its unique style is one people would die for.

Peep toe heels:

Wedding Shoes Selection just for you Make your Pick (2)

This open mouth toe heels as i would call it are another style of heels you might decide to go with. It is also unique in a way because when you put them on, your painted nails can show which can also add beauty to your look. Its flowery design close to its open mouth adds more style to this shoe.

Studded heels:

Wedding Shoes Selection just for you Make your Pick (3)

This shoe is designed with studs which beautifies the look on this shoe. Furthermore, its pointed heels will add more gait to your height. You can decide to wear this type of style if you love walking on really high heels.

The Feldman shoe:

Wedding Shoes Selection just for you Make your Pick (4)

This shoe is cute with the elaborate flowery design it has. Imagine wearing this and seeing people fix their eyes on you. Its simply a shoe that will keep people talking about you. It will look good on a wedding gown that is not too long so it can be easily seen by all.

Satin slingback:

Wedding Shoes Selection just for you Make your Pick (5)

This is another type of peep toe that can compliment your wedding gown as it has a pretty bow and a slingback. Its satin feel gives it a subtle look and a matching purse will be so ideal.

Bridal wedge:

Wedding Shoes Selection just for you Make your Pick (6)

This wedge is beautified by its rhinestones and is suitable for ladies who feel more comfortable in something not too high.

Lace Flat shoes:

Wedding Shoes Selection just for you Make your Pick (7)

This flat wedding shoe is ideal for ladies who are already tall or can be used interchangeably with your other high heeled shoe. It is laced and cute.

I remember when i went shopping for my wedding shoes, it was interesting, confusing  as well as exhausting. I guess this was because there were so many designs and styles and i just could not make up my mind on which one to pick.

Wedding shoes selection is work on its own so my piece of advise to any lady going shoe hunting for her wedding is that you should not go on your own. You can go with a few friends who can help you make the right pick. Another piece of advise is select what makes you more comfortable. Try it on and see if you can walk very well in it before making any payment. You will have yourself to blame if you look funny while walking down that aisle on your wedding day.

Are you set for your wedding shoes selection? I bet after reading this you are now fully prepared for that shoe hunt and I know you will make the right choice. Feel free to give us a download of your experience. Good luck!

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