Things  that can Make Your Wedding Guests Happy

When you are planning for a wedding, you can readily get engrossed in what to do to make sure that everything is perfect for the couple about to wed. However, you are supposed to strike a balance. There are a few simple things you can do to ensure that you make your wedding guests happy on your special day.

These few things you can incorporate to make your wedding guest happy aren’t very costly and won’t take additional hours of planning to get them done.

Present them with plenty of notice

Weddings are a grand occasion and if you plan to have a destination wedding, or intend to invite guests from interstate or out of the country, you will need to provide them with sufficient notices about your prospective wedding day to give them enough time to make the required plan to attend.

By standard, you should send the invitations three months before the wedding day, but you may wish to lengthen that by posting out “Save the Date cards or magnets.

This will provide your guests with sufficient time to make provisions to be present on the wedding day.

Set up a website

Another thing you can do to make your wedding guests happy is set up wedding websites. This is especially helpful and a simple and stress-free way to inform your guests of the latest development consigning your wedding day and arrangements.

Find a suitable location that makes your wedding guests happy

If you are scheduling an outdoor wedding in the summer or spring, it’s great to choose a good location that will offer some shade for your guests.

If your best location doesn’t provide shade for your guest, try to hire g a tent or porch for your guests to sit or stand under. You can alternatively offer parasols for guests to give them some respite from the heat of the sun. This will no doubt make your wedding guests happy.

Make provisions to mitigate the warmth in the environment

If your wedding is arranged on a day that is likely to have a high temperature, make provisions of portable fans, additional shade and/or bottles of water for your guests.

If your wedding is scheduled to take place outdoor, it is better to make available a large pump bottle of sunscreen towards the back of the ceremony or reception arrangement and let your wedding celebrant or MC announce its presence for your guest.

This will make your wedding guests happy and ensure that they make the most of your great day without worrying about getting sunburnt in the process.

Warm up the environment if the wedding is scheduled during winter time

In the same way, if your wedding is scheduled to take place outdoors in the autumn or winter, when the temperatures are low, you may plan to get a basket with shawls or blankets for your guests who may be feeling colder than others. You can as well make provisions for umbrellas in case of rainfall.

These can be particularly useful for elderly guests or children. You will make these sorts of wedding guest happy by thinking of them.

You could as well provide a coffee, tea and hot chocolate station to serve people to get their hands and bodies warm as they wait.

Make your wedding guests happy by providing mosquito repellents

If your wedding is scheduled to take place close to a waterway or on twilight, it may be essential to make available mosquito repellent or burning citronella candles to prevent irritating bloodsuckers from sucking the blood of your guests. You don’t want them to leave from your wedding celebration sick or ill.

Make your wedding guest happy by hiring the wheels on the bus

If your wedding ceremony and wedding reception are scheduled for different venues, try to book a bus or similar transport service to transport your guest from the venue of the celebration to the reception venue.

You can hire local bus companies under charter services and if you prefer, you can decorate the bus to suit your wedding. Remember to make provisions to take your guest back to the location of their cars after the celebration.

Also, make provision for restrooms if you are planning to have your wedding in a natural location. If you are not offering transport for your guests, provide him with enough information that will assist them to reach to the venue and back to their houses safely. You can also help to ensure that your guests get safely home after the celebration.

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