The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Classic Quirky Wedding Footwear

Wedding preparations for men is not as complicated as it is for women. A lot of men think they have shoe collection that they can lay their hands on to serve them for their wedding day.  If you are one of these, we have provided for you a quick and easy guide to groom’s classic quirky wedding footwear styles.

A few men think that no one will notice the shoe they put on. Thus, they can just pick up any of their old scraped favorite shoes, dust off and put on.

Of course there are many variations, but this guide provides you with the few examples of men’s quirky wedding footwear.

The main thing that detects the type of groom foot wear for your wedding is how formal you plan your wedding will be. We have provided in this article, groom’s classic quirky wedding footwear styles.

The list of shoes we have provided is not conclusive. Thus, if the groom intends to put on a smart wedding shoe to a beach wedding, it is entirely his choice as long as he feels comfortable in it. This article presents you with the ultimate guide to men’s classic quirky wedding footwear.

The Venues suitable for quirky wedding footwear styles

Venues that are suitable for quirky wedding footwear styles are more uncommon like the art gallery or museum where the groom will probably put on folded up trousers or suspenders and a cravat. These are the shoes to suit the unconventional wedding:

The Desert Boot

The desert boot is as well referred to as a chukka boot; this lace-up shoe is made up of a flat sole and comes just above the ankle. It is made up of open lacing, with two or three eyelets, and a bare toe.

They’re made in suede or canvas and feature varieties of colors. You can select a neutral shade, but incorporate a touch of originality with bright shoe laces.

The Buck

The buck quirky wedding footwear is originally made from deerskin, which is why they are made in the form of suede or nubuck.

This is a form of leather that’s polished on the grain side to create a velvet-like surface.

It’s made like a dress shoe, but it’s a more comfortable type, which falls between formal and casual footwear.

The standard color of this form of lace-up is tan color with red rubber soles, but it’s as well accessible in white, blue, grey, and red.

The Sneaker

The sneakers come in rubber soles and canvas uppers and are soft shoes that are put on for casual wedding parties.

Converse and Vans are becoming trendy fashions for grooms, especially in bright tones that match either the bride’s shoes or your suspenders. You could even add matching sneaker apparel underneath your suit to flaunt on the afterparty!

Sandals and thongs for the majorities of informal weddings are footwear where a greater number of the upper foot is exposed, making it possible for you to feel cool during the hot season of summer months.

Simple leather sandals in suntanned color or dark brown color are sophisticated and trendy quirky wedding footwear alternatives and they make a real-world groomsmen gift, which implies that you can make it top on your scale of preference list.

The Boat quirky wedding footwear

The boat quirky wedding footwear are as well referred to as topsiders, and they are made with rubber soles, to make it sturdy enough to carry the weight of the wearer  on the deck of a boat without slipping over.

This does not mean that you have to be a sailor though, to wear a pair of this quirky wedding footwear during the summer months.

They’re made from canvas or leather, and are typically made up of a white rubber sole, and usually come in different types of brown colors.

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