Step-by-Step Wedding planning guide For a pleasant and stress-free day

You are already engage and are waiting for your wedding day. The Next thing that should be on your wedding preparation program is planning for your wedding. We have provided in this article a step by step wedding planning guide that will ensure that you have a pleasant and stress free day when your wedding day finally comes.

Make the announcement

A number of couples don’t usually feel happy to let anyone know about their wedding day before their both parents and other close members of their family. If you can, your first wedding planning guide is to visit the parents of each one of you in person. If your both parents are not living close by, give them a call to announce the wedding day.

wedding planning guide
wedding planning guide

Discuss your dreams

When you have announced your wedding day, your next wedding planning guide is to sit down with your spouse to discuss your ideas.

While sharing your ideas, discuss on the type of wedding you’d love to have; would you prefer a beach wedding setting, a sit-down dinner in a hall, a garden wedding or a wedding celebrated on a mountaintop. At this stage let go of the issue of money and just discuss your dreams.

Make a rough estimate of the time period for the wedding

Although at this stage, you don’t need to establish a firm date now, it’s great to have a rough idea of when you want your wedding to take place; the month or season you’d like your wedding to fall into.

When you have come to a conclusion on this wedding planning guide, it will help you to know the amount of time you have left for your wedding preparations. Due to the fact that the size of your wedding would determine suitable venue for the wedding, the cost of your wedding and whether or not you need to travel to the wedding destination, you would need to sit down and create a wedding list.

You too need to make your guest list. The two families should also make their guest list. You may cut down on these later if you need to but your first number will serve as guide for planning your budget.

Plan your budget

How much do you have to invest into the wedding? Also check from your both parents and friends if they are willing to make any money contribution for your wedding. If they are making any contribution, how much do they want to offer you? Use this wedding planning guide to establish your budget and work accordingly.

Organize your programs and establish budget for each of them

Purchase a notebook and divide it into sections for every budget category. This will allow you to write down the amount you want to spend on the item and also to record what you have spend on them.

While you spend, you constantly cross-check that you are still within limit and when nearing your limit, you’d observe it and start working towards cutting cost to meet your budget goals.

Next wedding planning guide: Finding Your Venue

The next thing on your plan of actions should be to decide who would be the officiating minister for your wedding and where you’d like it to be. Getting an officiating minister should be very simple if your plan to wed at the place of worship in your locality.

Even when you have moved from the area, you can still get a member of your family to organize that on your behalf.  Occasionally due to convenience sake, couples select a place that’s in between their homes and their parents’.

If you decide to go for a destination wedding, ensure that your entire invited guest can afford to travel there and for those who could not, you’d need to provide a transport facility to convey them.

The reception venue

Consider back your dreams and preferences you have specified earlier. Now check whether those still tarry with your present situation. If you for instance want an outdoor garden wedding venue, have you gotten a suitable place?

If you have, is the weather conducive? You may find charming hotel with a nice-looking courtyard that would suit what you want.

Do your researches to come up with what you’d love and what suites your specific situation.

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