Skin care guide: How to take proper care of your skin

There is so much noise out there about skin care guide and how to properly take care of our skin. Often time, those stories we hear is all about application of artificial to our skin. The majority of the artificial elements we incorporate into our skin in the name of proper skin care guide are actually injurious to the skin.

Some cosmetic products for example are harmful to the skin. Most of their harmful chemicals penetrate deep into the skin. Thus, wearing such products creates barrier on the skin. They chocked up the skin surface and preventing it from gaining access to air making it difficult for it to communicate to the outside world.

Skin Care guide

Proper skin care guide accords appropriate respect to your skin

Often times, the practices we embark on are not only injurious to the skin but they are as well disrespectful of this extraordinary and amazing creation and gift bestowed on us by God.

We frequently forget the fact that the human skin is one of the basic essentials organs of the body. And as an essential organ, it deserves all our care and respect.

Thus, engaging in activities like tattooing, piercing, undying make-up, cosmetic injections, aesthetic or plastic surgery and such practices are wrong skin care guide. They are n act of disrespect for the skin and the creator.
Human skin is not a toy and must not be treated s such. When you disrespect your skin, you are disrespecting yourself.

Therefore we have provided a much more natural skin care guide that accords proper respect to the human skin in the following quick tips below:

 Proper skin care guide for Grooming your skin

  • You must be prepared to groom your skin for more than one hour every day.
  • The proper skin care guide recommendation is to ensure the grooming covers your entire skin surface during your chosen time period.

Sunlight and fresh air skin care guide

  • Try to expose your skin to the sun for quite a few hours every time the sky is blue.
  • When it rains, give your skin fresh air.
  • After a grooming session, direct sunlight heals your skin. You will sense its benefits instantly.

Develop Itch consciousness

Water and skin care guide

Your skin needs water to revive it and freshen it up. So try to:

  • Immerse your body in water at least once daily.
  • While bathing, groom all you can.

Soap and shampoo

While we need soap and shampoo to keep our skin clean:

Skin care guide after every bath or shower

  • After taking a bath or having a shower, your skin may become relatively dry, it may in some instances have flaking patches.
  • You need to apply regular cream on the parts of the skin that have been washed with soap to moisturize it again.

Skin care guide for bedtime

  • While preparing to go to bed, do not wear any moisturizing agent on your skin.
    Bed time is the time when your skin performs majority of its work.

Keep your body in good health condition.

  • Your broad-spectrum and entire health of your body is easily shown on your skin.
  • Stimulate your body through the skin exterior for not less than three hours a day.
  • Try to avoid smoking or drinking for a healthy skin.
  • Inspect your skin physically and visually and love your skin.
  • Touching and Caressing the skin is both good and recommended skin care guide.

Sun exposure

Human skin needs the sunlight. It is essential to distinguish healthy sun exposure and sunburn. Grooming the skin eliminates the possibility of developing skin cancer

Proper skin care guide is teaching people how to take the sun rationally.
The practice of wearing clothes or applying sun cream is merely therapeutic shortcuts.

Your body needs quite a few hours of daily exposure to sunlight for a healthy skin. Why?
• Sunlight nourishes and invigorates you.
• You need sun rays to obtain the full dietary value from the food you eat.
• Ultraviolet rays function as a natural antiseptic.
• Sunlight inhibits a lot of physical and mental ailments.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is produced in skin when it is exposed to the sun rays.
It carries out basic and useful tasks in the maintenance of a lot of organs.
Vitamin D regulates your blood’s calcium and phosphorous level. These are so significant for bone formation and strength. They also help your immune system.
Since humans don’t take enough sunshine, vitamin D is unnaturally added to the food we eat through the intake of milk. The vitamin D that we get from milk is an artificial vitamin D.

The sunlight is fun. Sunlight changes your mood and makes it more joyful.
It soothes your nerves and calms you down. It offers you a common sense of comfort and happiness.

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